Cartridge for Thorens TD-160

I just bought a solid looking TD-160, my first foray in vinyl in about twenty years. It's all stock, including the arm. Anyone have any suggestions for good, reasonably priced cartridge? $2-400 range? Anyone ever use a Sumiko Blue Point Special on one of these things? Shure carts seems popular too. Thanks
Denon DL 103R
audio technica 150, garrott bros k2 or k3, grado prestige gold, sumiko blue point 2
I have a Shure V15 Type III with original box I'd be willing to part with. They were often used with Thorens tables. It will require a new stylus. The $100 JICO replacement stylus is supposed to be the best for this cartridge. Other replacement styli are available for less than $30.

Contact me if you're interested in the cartridge.
You got your 160! Congrats! I hope that you really enjoy it. I like high compliance MM cartidges in this arm, AT440MLa and 150MLX, the new Ortofons, and of course, the Shures. Tvad is offering you a great match to this table and you should consider taking him up on it - I certainly would. If you seek a new Shure, it's pretty much limited to the M97xE. Best of luck and welcome back.
I agree with Viridian that a high compliance cartridge is the way to go with the TP-16 arm. I tried my Denon 103R and it wasn't very good, even after adding weight to the headshell. I've had both the Shure V15 and the M97, and for the extra money Tvad's cartridge will be noticeably better, with a new stylus of course, than even a new M97. I've not heard the JICO stylus, but it's supposed to be terrific.

Another option is one of the NOS Empires floating around that Raul raves about. Do a search and you can find out what the latest offerings are. They're all high compliance MM.

Great table. Good luck!

So I just can't win with this turntable deal. I've missed - I think - three TD-160s here on A-gone. I finally get one on e-bay, confirmed, paid for and ready to go. So what happens? I get an e-mail from the seller that while packing it to ship, he dropped it and destroyed it. He did give a very prompt refund, but good gravy!
The best gravy is Armour Brown Gravy, but if you are just looking for "good" gravy, the stuff in the packets at your local super should be just fine. Much easier to pack and ship than the table.
Viridian is completely wrong on this one! The best gravy is my mother's roast beef gravy, over barely mashed potatos with a little pepper. If there's an audiophile gravy, it's my mother's.

I stand corrected (you don't think that I would argue with mom's gravy, now do you)?
See. You try to break bad habits - like too many four letter words - by using quaint phrases like 'good gravy' and the next thing you know you've started a 'so close, but no lumps' debate.

Still one of these %$^@#! days I'm gonna get my @%&#! turntable!
High output Blue point special is a good one. Many claim it's one of the best values in analog set-up. That is if you heat it up with the blue flame and use moms gravy on red skinned potaturds. Who on earth would use canned gravy ? Must be a, city folks trying to get it right.