cartridge for Thorens TD 147 with TP 16 Mk III

What is a reasonable amount to spend on a cartridge for Thorens TD 147 with TP 16 Mk III tone arm ?
I think that turntable / arm combo deserves a cartridge of at least $200 and I am considering Ortofon 2M blue, 2M Bronze, Sumiko Blue Point 2. Definitely would like something with deep and full base, some sparkle , something different from Grado (too laid-back) but not bright and aggressive.
the phono pre-amp is EAR 834P
Any thoughts / recommendations highly appreciated?
For very little cost,pick up ( Ebay ) a good used Vintage Shure M91ED ( $50 ish ) ..and go to LP Gear and order a Jico replacement stylus ( $150ish )..Total cost around $200...You'll be quite pleased on just how good it will sound...Another option is the Vintage a Shure M55E ...Same situation..Both great ......The M91ED is a touch sweet and the Shure M55E being more Neutral all around........
high compliance cartridge for the low effective mass arm. the M91ED w/ SAS stylus is an outstanding suggestion.

let me also suggest a pro-ject speedbox II as a great upgrade for this table
hi Musicdoc
great idea to add a speed box II .. I will definitely try it. Do you know if the speed box power plug fits the turntable?

Thorman and Musicdoc, how would you compare the sound of Ortofon 2M blue and Shure M92ED + SAS (both are $200 which is my lower range) ? What about Shure M92ED + SAS vs Sumiko Blue Point 2 ( for an extra $100)

correction to my previous post. Sumiko Blue Point No 2 Cartridge is $400 , hence $200 extra
Pvctor: Never tried the Shure 92ED or Ortofon mentioned...
The Thorens TD147 Table with the TP16 Mk3 tonearm with the TP63 arm wand requires a high compliance cartridge. Meaning max cartridge weight is about 8.5 grams. Which rules out any heavy MC carts. It might be possible to use heavy carts but you would need a heavier Thorens counter weight.
I have this table/arm and use a wide variety of vintage high/medium compliance MMs. I would recommend the Micro-Acoustics MA 2002e. A NOS 2002e can be found for sale on "you-know-where" right now.

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