Cartridge for Thorens 125 with original arm

Greetings all! Just bought a 125 with the stock arm that came with it and
need a cartridge recommendation from someone with experience. This table
is for a second system and will have either a Mac C28 for the phono stage or
a Kyocera 861 receiver which can handle MM or MC. Obviously a separate
phono stage would be better, but alas no such spare cash is available. The
main system has a CJ EV1 Gyrodec with the modified RB 300 arm that Michelle
tweaks, and a Grado Reference Sonata that I like quite a bit. Any and all
comments appreciated. Thanks.
If you really have a Thorens TD 125 (ab) with the original arm, you have a rarity. The arm is a TP-25

with TP50 headshell. Unfortunately, there isn't much info on this arm. I'd say it's a medium mass arm which should work fine with 'normal' cartridges. The TD 125 however deserves a (much) better arm, so plenty of room for improvement there.