Cartridge for the Transrotor ZET 3

Hi all,

I am a new baby to the analog world, Turntable. And you have to assumed that I do NOT know anything about turntable!

I just buy a Transrotor ZET 3 with 2 motors and Transrotor JR 9.1 tonearm.

I have the MBL 5011 preAmp with MC phono section maximum gain 68db. My PowerAmp is Conrad Johnson Monoblock LP-140M (140w/ch) connect to the Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento.

I am seeking an advice from audiogon member for the cartridge that could sound the best within my system. I have couple option with the Koetsu, Benz Micro and Dynavector.

I listen to soft-music, jazz, blues, and some classical (violin/piano) most of time.

To be honest, my financial is tie-up and I could NOT consider some ultra high-end cartridge.

Thank you very much for all of the advice.