Cartridge for Sota Comet with Jelco SA-250ST

I just purchased a Sota Comet turntable with a Jelco SA-250ST tonearm. Any suggestions on a nice low price cart. to use with this setup? Maybe $200 or less(used is OK). The pre is a Threshold FET2 series II.
Based on owning a stock Shure M97xE cartridge and what I've read from an A-goner or two, consider getting the Shure M97xE from Amazon for $54.95 and then upgrade it with a Jico Super Analog Stylus, available from LPGear for $129.95. The weight and stylus should be a good match for the arm, and if it could use a little damping, deploy the damper brush to reduce the amplitude of the arm/cartridge resonant peak.