Cartridge for SME IV.V

Attention SME arm people - I'm looking for an upgrade path for my SME 20/2A table, and would love to hear what cartridge characteristics make for a good match with the SME IV.V arm. I am currently using a Dynavector 17DmkII which performs reasonably well, but I imagine the arm and table could handle a better cartridge. Any thoughts?
The IV.V has ribbon internal wiring (both for high conductivity and minimal bearing interference) and was designed specifically for MC cartridges -- especially of the low output variety (although certainly not exclusively.)

Very high end Koetsu, Transfiguration, ZYX, and van den Hul would all be good choices. And don't forget great tonearm cables. The vdH cable that comes with the arm is crap.
Agree completely with nsgarch. The arm cable is almost first to go. I've used Kimber, Graham ic50 and Purist Venastus.

I'd add the Lyra Helicon to you list. Maybe the Titan i depending on budget.

Final point, if u use aftermarket power cords, try one on your motor controller. You'll be surprised.
I am using the SME IV arm with the top Dynavector cartridge (the XV-1s). This cartridge is an outstanding performer, and the SME IV and V series arms pair exceptionally well with the XV-1s. IMO you should definitely put the XV-1s on your short list.
I have a Koetsu Urushi on my IV.Vi. It was my first Koetsu and there was a lot of expectation. Jaw dropped when the first notes came out.
I have an SME 30 and the SME arm with the Dynavector XV-1s that bettered a van den Hul Colibri and a Clearaudio Insider Reference by a significant margin IMHO. But, as always, this is a personal preference thing so YMMV
I started my SME20/2 IV.V with a Koetsu Black (which doesn't do the 20 justice) and then started upgrading the rest of my system. I was intending to get a Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum (RSP) when the opportunity to buy an Onyx Platinum came along.

The Onyx P made all the other investments in the system pay off...It is absolutely phenomenal. Recently I did an A/B comparison with an RSP and my Onyx P...Astonishingly for this level there was a significant improvement in frequency extension with the Onyx P.

So, I highly recommend the Koetsu Onyx Platinum.
My own personal analog guru has very good things to say about the SME V / Benz LP Ebony combination.
Thanks for the input guys - lots of useful info here. I suspect that the interconnect will be the first thing to go. I would have addressed that sooner, but the only interconnect that I have seen that I would have wanted appeared - and vanished :( - the same week I got the turntable. So if anyone has a nice deal on a Purist Audio Din to RCA phono interconnect, please feel free to let me know ;-)
Eso -- I don't know the MSRP for a Dominus phono, a Venustas is $1800. However they are both available new for the following prices:

Dominus w/Ferox-$3300.00

I'm using a Venustas with my SME V / Tranny W, and the sound is quite spectacular. I'd like to hear a Dominus just to see what (if anything) I'm missing, but up til now, the Venustas is the best I've ever heard.
Dear Esoxhnrt: There are many cartridges that can mate with your SME tonearm.
One of that cartridges is the Sumiko Celebration ( you can read both Stereophile reviews on: the 20 and 30 SME TT's ).
I uese it in that configuration and is a great conbination very hard to beat, even for the XV-1 and Colibri ( that I own too ).

Fortunatelly your SME tonearm can match with several cartridges, the point here could be which are your music priorities and choose a cartridge that mates better with it.

An additional advantage with the Celebration is that is really " inexpensive ", you can try it, enjoy it and if you don't like it you couls sold it and go for the XV-1.

Yes, you have to change the phono cable: my advise is a simple one: Silver Oval from Analysis Plus. You ( like anybody ) don't have to pay thousand of dollar for a stellar performance like the Analysis Plus cables. There are many many mis-conceptions and non know-how in we customers about cables. Don't waste your money in KK dollars in cables: put your money on the software, LP's.

Regards and enjoy the music.