cartridge for SME III

Hi, I always wanted a Sme III and I finally found one with the black titanium arm wand , I was told this is the latest in production. I have a Sure M97xe to use for now but want something better. I have a Signet transformer # MK12T so a mm or mc are both options, I also have a Monster Sigma Genesis 2000 Mk II cartridge that needs a stylus , I would spend up to $ 600.00 for a new cart or would I be better off to send the monster to Soundsmith? What do you use or suggest all opions appreciated . THANKS David.
I nominate the Ortofon 2M Black at $599. This cart's weight and compliance should be a stellar match with that tonearm's effective mass. Resonance point should be around 9.4 Hz.

And a Shibata stylus seems so right with a SME III.
The III is pretty light and has knife-edge bearings, so it works best with higher-compliance cartridges. This means that, generally speaking, an MM would be a better choice.

The Ortofon 2M series is a great suggestion. Ortofon also made an integrated armwand/cartridge that fits the SME III, and is basically an OM-style cartridge at the end. I've spent some time with one of these setups (OM40 stylus) on a Thorens TD124, and it was spectacular.

Soundsmith's B&O-style cartridges would also be a great match.
I also just got one of these. Mine is the original version with the shiny arm tube. I also have the Ortofon integrated arm/cart. I was thinking about a Grado Sonata or Master to put on this.
i too have one of these arms with damping trough and I use a Grado Green cartridge on mine with the longhorn Mod.I'm very happy with this combination.regards derockster
what is the longhorn mod?
Ok, found the Longhorn mod. I'm looking for a high compliance cart for the SME III that is neutral with very good bass slam. I've been told a wood body Grado would be ideal. Any other suggestions?

Oh, don't want to break the bank either......
I stand by my Grado Green with the longhorn mod.Regards
Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, quite possible. Doesn't the SME Series III use Stevenson's alignment? If this is true, then that would mean I can't use the turntable basics protractor, or most protractors for that matter.....

Anyone have any ideas about using the new Goldring carts with the SME III ? The GL 2100, 2200 , up to the GL 2500 , the older Goldrings seem to be very well liked. I believe Audio Note has modeled some of their designs. I think I want that popular Denon sound that every one is reworking to great success, in their view. That older warmer sound. I havent heard it but it reads well in print. From wat I have read in Hi+Fi World May 2007 the Ortho 2M,s have a bright modern sound . I had a Orthofon a long time ago and I didnt like the brightness about it. Well thanks for the response I am learning analog all over again.
I think I want that popular Denon sound that every one is reworking to great success, in their view. That older warmer sound.
I respect this, but the SME III was very much designed for cartridges that do NOT persue this sound. It's design goals mesh well with cartridges that strive for high trackability, low effective tip mass, and extended high frequency performance . . . and have a high compliance to help acheive it.

I think if you've had experience with a older, cheap Ortofon (i.e. OM3), then you might give them a chance with their newer/better designs. They're still very clean and articulate, but not sizzly and strident like those cheap ones. But if you really want the sound of a big, warm MC, then get one! And use a tonearm that will get the most out of it (maybe a 309?).
Hi, I believe you guys Johnnyb53 and Kirkus ( kickin and screamin all the way ) and bought a Ortofon to try but only 99.00 bucks worth, LOL Thanks David . Actually I have great faith in all that responded ,it just felt like these guys had me nailed to the wall. LOL , I have a 2M red on the way
Got my Ortofon 2M Red , one channel dead.***X*** darn. Well another is on the way , Thanks to the good people at Needledoctor. Didn,t need to do any kickin and screamin with them , never had to hopefully never will have to. We,ll have a happy fourth, David.
Well I have about 20 hours on my 2nd Ortofon Red , I agree this is very nice sounding , but still a little bright for me. I hesitate to go to 2M Black because reviews suggest the red and black are very close in sound. Maybe I should add some capacitance to my phone cables. I understand SME once made cables with provision to do this. As I understand adding capacitance will effect the brightness. Can anyone suggest what to use as a starting point and is it correct you bridge the hot and ground of the phono cable ? As always any comment appreciated, Thanks David
If you want to try a low-output moving coil, a Denon, the DL-301 II is a nice match for that arm. I am using that combination on my td-124 table. The cartridge is very high compliance (although the Denon compliance number has to be translated to compare).
I tried a goldring eroica HOMC on the arm and didn't like it much, not exciting. The SME III with denon compares favorably to my benz glider LOMC I have installed on my music hall table.