Cartridge for SG3

I have a CJ Sonographe SG3 with an Audioquest PT7 arm and an original Blue Point cartridge. I'm looking to upgrade the cart but want to stay under a few hundred bucks. I am playing it through a Music Hall PH 1.2 phono pre-amp. ny recommedations are appreciated. My music is mostly rock and alternative and some acoustic stuff as well if that matters.
Audio Technica AT150MLX
I basically have the same turntable and arm combo as yours--a SOTA Comet w/Jelco SA-250ST. I'm using an Ortofon 2M Blue and can highly recommend it. It tracks wonderfully, is extremely well balanced across frequencies, and extracts all kinds of detail. With a replaceable stylus on top of all of that, I think it's one of the better values I've come across.