Cartridge for Rega Planar 3 / RB300

I'd like to set up my analog table so I can enjoy some old vinyl again and thought I'd ask for suggestions. The cartridge I have on the table is an older Supex 900 Super with an in-line (read el-cheapo) step-up pre-amp.

Since I've been out of the loop for awhile, I thought I'd ask the collective conciousness. I listen to acoustic/folk, jazz, and classical music primarily.

If the suggested cartridge requires a step-up to line-level, I'd also be interested in hearing recommendations for a new phono pre-amp. BTW, I've heard good things about this Lehmann Black Cube (with the upgraded power supply) wondering what the local wisdom is on these?.

I've considered replacing/upgrading the table, but I think for now, my table has a great deal of potential if partnered with the right cartridge and pre-amp. Any help would be most appreciated. I'm trying to keep my budget under 1k for the cartdrige and preamp.

Downstream components are a Levinson 380, 332, and B&W 802 Matrix III speakers.

Thanks in advance,

dynavector 10x4 - it was all but made to go on that table.
Lazarus28's right, the Dynavector is a terrific cartridge. You might also want to consider the Lyra Lydian Beta, the less expensive brother of the famous Helikon. The Lydian is a little sweeter (IMHO) but lists for $1100 compared to $750 for the 10x4.

Have also read good comments on the Lehmann but never used one. If you want to add a bit of tube sound to your rig consider the EAR 834P MM/MC phono stage for under $1000.
Lower output Grado $3-500 (Platinum or Sonata - 1.5 mv versions since higher outputs can cause hum on this table) is a good match...emphasizes the midrange, beautiful, not the most incisive cartridges but sometimes that's good. For the preamp check out Monolithic (reviewed by Fremer in Stereophile Oct 2000), the Lehmann is a good choice as well. Tube sections might be noisier and on your hi res, lo noise rig that may be a problem. Cheers
the 10x4 retails for around 250, if i'm not mistaken
I'm using the Clearaudio Aurum Beta with my Rega. Great sounding, but taking a long time to fully break in. Should be great with your music preferences. Tried the Grado Platinum, loved it, but chose the Clearaudio as I'm listening to more jazz and acoustic stuff these days. The Platinum was ideal for my classic rock tunes, tho. It was a hard decision !
I have the Monolithic PS1, really like it. Very transparent, and images well. Would like to try the Black Cube sometime, compare the two.
Don't overlook the Rega cartridges. They are extremely detailed & dynamic, with outstanding bass. Only caveat is that they can be a bit bright in some systems, but with your 802s they should work well. I'd recommend an Elys or Super Elys for an entry-level for you; or you could go for a top-of-the line Perfect. All three are a no-brainer match for the arm & table, but make sure you have return privledges no matter what you buy, in case our tastes don't match yours.
I also love the Dynavectors, by the way, if the Regas don't suit your taste.
Lazarus28, you're right, I goofed. You clearly referred to the 10x4 which I somehow "read" as the 17D2 MkII. I've not heard the 10x4, so forget what I wrote above - my apologies.
I have the same turntable and arm. I love the Grado Sonata which I've coupled with the Creek OBH-8SE. I listen primarily to classical and the sound is very sweet. But I also listen to loud rock, and this combo serves that very well too. They are both not too terribly expensive. I think the Grado was about $500 and the Creek about $250.
This response may be too late given the date you put in your inquiry. I tried a Sumiko Blue Point in my Rega 3 RB300 table and found it flat. I changed to the Microbenz silver and found it to be an excellent combination with my ARC SP-9Mk II phonosection mated to a Bryston 4BST. I have the same speakers as you and still find them to be quite revealing with a decent analogue front end.

Good luck!
I tried buying a Dynavector 10x4 for $250 from a fellow 'gonner but apparently somebody from Dynavector took issue with the fact that he was selling something new in the box for less than wholesale prices. So I guess I'm still looking.

I did buy the Monolithic PS-1/HC-1b phono stage after much research. It sounds really good out of the box, looking forward to even better sound in a few weeks.

Thanks for the advice so far, looks like either the Dynavector or MicroBenz will get the nod.