cartridge for Rega P3 or P3-24?

I'm trying to talk myself into a turntable to play my old records. When I was an impoverished student, I told myself that I would (maybe) buy an NAD turntable someday. Now I'm starting to think about finding a used Rega P3. I've noticed some of these with the newer version of the Elys cartridge, but I was wondering if a Denon or Dynavector might be a better choice. For reference, the rest of my system is as follows: NAD C541i CD player, Audio Research LS3b and D130 amplification, Vandersteen 1b speakers. And I was thinking of the NAD PP-2 or Cambridge 640P phono pre-amps. Thanks. . .
I had a ZU 103R on mine that sounded wonderful.
clearaudio maestro or ortofon 2M black
Audio Technica AT150MLX or a Dynavector DV20XH
I'd recommend Denon DL-160.
The Dynavector 10x5 works great on my Rega P3-24 & NAD II phono preamp (with jazz and rock). It's affordable and because is a high output MC, it can be hooked with most entry level phono preamps.
If I were you I'd look for a P3/24 over the P3. The RB301 arm has a lot of improvements over the RB300, better wiring (same as RB700), better anti-skate system from RB700.

These are the carts you commonly see suggested for the P3/24, depending on budget, they are all good choices:

Rega Elys2 or Exact2
Dynavector 10x5 or DV20xH (or L)
Ortofon 2m Series (I use the Black myself)
Clearaudio MM line
AT105MLX (but some say it is "bright")

You really aren't going to go wrong with any of these. Probably the most suggested cart with Rega is the DV20X line or the DV 10x5.
I strongly preferred the Dynavector 20XL over the Rega Elys and Exact on my previous Rega P9. I had outstanding results with a Dynavector P75 phonostage.
My Rega P3-24 with the Rega Exact 2 cartridge is a fabulous combination, creating wonderful synergy with my Vandersteen 1C's. My Rogue Audio Cronus amp serves as a great connector between the table and the speakers. I did a lot of research before buying my analog rig, and I'm extremely happy with the P3-24/Exact 2 combination. There's something very special about Rega cartridge with Rega arm with Rega table that really makes a lot of sense (to me, anyway). It all works quite well together.
Good Luck, and Happy Listening.
i had a grace f9e ruby in mine and it sounded wonderful!!