cartridge for rega 25,Sonic Frontiers SFP-1

Looking for cartridge suggestions for a Rega planar 25 to be used with a Sonic Frontiers SFP-1. Music will be jazz, folk rock, and some classic rock. Like to keep it under $700.
The Dynavector 10X4MKII has been my chice for a very musical cartridge. I really can't fault it much, may not have the last ounce of detail but very toe tapping with great bass. Puts out 2.5mv so will work with all phono stages set up for moving magnet. I use mine on a Nottingham Analog Spacedeck fed into a wavelength phono.I have tried the Clearaudio Beta but found it a little sterile, though many really like it I found the dyna to be more settled and rich. for under $750.00 It's a no brainer. Check out Rob Doorack's review in last years listener. This guy has a very good ear and I know him. He's one of us not some [more money means better sound] type.
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New Dynavector 20xh -- $520
Benz Micro Glider 2 -- $550 if ordered from Hong Kong.
Lyra Lydian Beta -- $700 if ordered from Hong Kong.
Denon 103D MC cartridge, a oldie but goodie, could be called a classic, is available from Denon USA for $229. I'd also say, in case you don't know it, that Grado cartridges and Rega tables are a bad mix--hum. I know that's true for Rega 3 and it may well be true for Rega 25 too, though maybe not. At least I'd check if you're considering a Grado.

I had a Denon 103D years ago and loved it, but replaced it, as us audiophiles generally will, with something else that might well not have been clearly better. I'm getting another for a Rega 25, but haven't heard that combo yet.
Mike Fremer (the stereophile analog guy) commented that you should try and stay with rega cartridges with rega players. I guess the cartridges are built to fit the non-adjustable arms. I've heard both the exact and the super elys (my cartridge) with the rega 25 in several systems. Superb sound. The exact does sound a little better.
The Clearaudio Aurum Beta S is considerably better than the standard Beta for only $100 more. It works well in the Rega 600 arm which comes with the Planar 25.
Thanks to all for the input. If I were to go with the Benz micro glider, which output should I get, L2( .3mV), M2(.8mV), or H2(2.5mV)? The SFP-1 has an MC gain of 57dB.
The math is simple: You need to match the input sencitivity of your preamp and approximately calculated output from your phono. The voltage gain of 57dB has a factor of >700 so .3mV in the input will give you >210mV in the output which should be good enough for any preamp except passive. .8mV version will be good enough to couple with passive preamp. Staying with lower version gives you an advantage of small signal path and great detail and transparency. Higher outs are just suitable with more phonos but compromise in everything else.
Thank you Marakanetz. Any other opinions? Juki thinks I should get the high output. It is also what he has in stock. I should mention I am using a Sonic Frontiers Line2SE preamp.
get a grado master.retail for $800 but Im sure someone will let one go for $700....get the 4.5mv and dont look back! dont worry about hum unless some very low level hum at the end of the LP after the last songs over bothers you.the VTA with the grado 'woodies' is right on with the rega tables my dealer,Mario.... or call him at 914.421.0069 TOYS FROM THE ATTIC....tell him dave said to give ya one for 7 bills.:~)
Hi JSBail:

Save up a couple of hundred more and go for a Lydian Beta, but for God's sake, buy it here in America! By the time you pay for shipping and import duties it'll be pretty close to what a dealer might be willing to sell you one for anyway. If you can't stretch the extra, I'd suggest going for the Master.