Cartridge for Rega

I have a 14 year old Rega Planar 3 TT. Have used Dynavector cartridges since the beginning. Have replaced two cartridges in last 2 years, stylus broken. Suspect cleaning family dusting. It is broken again, and questioning if there is a less expensive cartridge, or more sturdy one for my TT.
Try the 2M range from Ortofon. I like the blue at $200. Red at $99 is a great buy.
I agree on the Ortofon, a Grado Black works fine too.
I have a Denon DL110 on my old Rega 3,sturdy smd very nice on the acoustic mudic I listen to.
You could send the broken Dynavector to SoundSmith and have it retipped for as little as $150. I would recommend the $250 level retip.
AT 150, it has a user replaceable stylus and drop down stylus cover.
How about having it retipped / rebuilt by SoundSmith?
The Ortofon Turbo mc-3 is a nice one.