Cartridge for RB300 other things

i just purchased a used planar 3 w/rb300 arm(no mods) and would like some opinions about a suitable mm
cartridge (300-500 $'s). i currrently have an ortophon om30 and it's ok (a bit bright). also i'd like to replace the felt mat with either a ring-mat or audioquest sorbogel mat-what are the merits if any with either one of these and how can i adjust the vta for the mat & or cartridge. also if some one could pass along any other tweaks
that would improve this tt-thanks
I have the same setup and just purchased a Dynavector 10x4mkII. This is a great match. I also own the Benz Glider and feel the Dynavector is a better match for the Planar. Have not experimented with mats but I do know that the importer for Rega (lauerman imports) sells a VTA adjuster that fits on the bottom of the arm. So does VPI. If you go with the Dynavector which can be had from the Needle Doctor for $280 with trade you need one spacer under the arm and I have a feeling after hearing this cartridge you will not be taking it off the table anytime soon and dont need the VTA adjuster.
I think the above suggestion is a good one. My dealer recommended the Rega cartridges, and I know others use the Sumiko Blue Point special.
Rega recommends several different cartridges, including Dynavector, Grado, and Sumiko. I have a RB900 arm, and use Grado and Shure V15VxMR cartridges which both work well.
Why do so many people like the Blue Point? It's the worst. Go with the Dynavector 20 or Aurum Beta S
lolo is right...or when budget is tight look for the goldring
I have the Planar 3/RB300 setup with a Grado Platinum Reference cartridge. One thing you should be aware of is the (slightly) audible hum the Planar motor will generate in this cartridge. It might not suit your expectations. It is something I am becoming less tolerant of as time goes by. I was sold this combo on the advice that the performance otherwise was a worthwhile the trade off. I have no experience with anything else in this price/performance range, so I can't compare to other recommendations.
I have a Rega P-25 with the RB-600 arm and a Grado Platinum.I find the Grado to put the arm at the best VTA with no spacer.It gives it a slightly negative angle.I used 1 spacer for several weeks then removed it and the midrange smoothed out,the bass deepened and it just sounded better.The grado hum is no issue with me.I have never heard it during music or even between tracks.Only when I raise the arm near or at the end of the LP.
thanks to everyone for thier fast and informative feedback. about the grado, what does a replacement stylus go for? also would still like to get some imput on the mats and any other tweaks. thanks a million
You cant put a new stylus in a Grado.When you need a new one you trade the cartridge in for a new one plus it costs 2/3 of what the cartridge lists for.I never had any luck with Ring Mats.I had one but returned it as I heard no improvement.Quite a few tweeks for the Grado arms but I need to sleep and will post them another time unless someone beats me to it.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
zzzzzz sorry,Rega arms zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Dynavector 10x40 II works fine for me on my Planar 3 with OL-modified RB250 arm. Needed a spacer to give a neutral VTA, but like David with his Grado, I prefer no spacer and a slight negative VTA. I see that the Ring-Mat people now offer a package, as expensive as it is ingenious, that includes platter-sized shims for convenient and precise VTA adjustment; the shims are supposed to reduce resonance, also. Good to have cautionary feedback on Ring-Mat from David; you'll find mixed reviews on AudioReview, also. At the risk of giving advice that wasn't asked for, I'd not monkey with mat changes until the major issue of cartridge change is settled and you're thoroughly familiar with the new sound. You asked about other tweaks: More than a tweak, I guess, but I will spend my next Planar 3 dollars on a DC motor upgrade.