cartridge for Pro-ject RPM 1

Looking to upgrade my cartridge on my RPM 1. Current set up is a Sumiko Black Pearl (stock). I replaced the stylus recently but read somewhere that the bushings that the stylus/magnet assembly ride on can deteriorate?

I year or so ago I inquired here about moving up to a MC design but someone pointed out that I would proly not be happy with a MC on the RPM 1 as it would be to noisy. I guess the analogy impression was , from a pure performance standpoint, it would be like putting really expensive tires on a Yugo? A waist. What I really needed to do was just bump up to a better TT.

In the interim I want to just go ahead and upgrade the cartridge but only if I can squeeze out a bit more details. I been buying some Mofi albums (Sketches of Spain) and also been finding some other good Miles Davis vinyl recently, Weather Report as well, so you get my drift I hope. I found the TT I want but I am getting ready to dump a wad on a new Mountain Bike, my other expensive hobby, and will have to delay the TT purchase.

So my question is there a MM or MC , without going big $$, that will get me a bit more performance or am I at the limit with the Black Pearl?

RPM 1Roge Audio RP -1 (decent phono stage)PS Audio Stellar 300Focal Aria 926Kimber Cable speaker wire.Blue Jean interconnects.
Nagoka 150  at about 300 $ is optimum . Their  110 at about 150 $ is big jump up .