cartridge for Pro-ject debut III

I want to get my brother a new cartridge for his birthday. I have been looking at the denon dl-103 but have been reading it works better with a high mass arm. any suggestions in the $200 range.
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Denon Dl 110 or Dl 160. Alternatively, get a OM20 or OM30 Stylus for the Ortofon cartridge that came standard on that table.
Wouldn't Grado Gold work well too? I myself am not sure.
I forgot to mention I bought him the acrylic platter last year so MC cartridges are not a problem. I guess what I am wondering is how much difference dose arm mass make in the performance of a given cartridge. The effective arm mass of the debut is 9.5 grams. I had read that the Denon DL-103 worked better around 15 to 20 grams effective mass. I can't seem to find a compliance spec for the Denon nor would I know how it translates to arm mass any help would be appreciated