Cartridge for P25 under $1k,going up from Dyna10x4

I need help in choosing the right cartridge.My tt is Rega P25,phono stage-CJ EV1,Pass X1 pre and Pass X250 amp.Speakers-Snell type B.
Previously i had Dyna 10x4 and it mated well with CJ power amps that i had but after getting Pass gear i need more midrange push,the lusher and forgiving-the better.
I am zeroing in on these cartridges:2 models from Dynavector (can't remember the model # but they go for $500 and $750),Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood,Sumiko Blackbird and Shelter cartridge ($700-$800).I do ot care about high frequency extension,my only concern is to fill up the midrange as much as possible to compensate for Pass recessed sound.I would greatly appreciate your advices.
The moving coil cartridge with the lowest compliance might be the best choice for your table with the Rega arm.