Cartridge For Origin Live 250 Silver Arm

I have Gyro SE with the Origin Live 250 Silver Tonearm and a Black Cube with upgraded power supply. I am looking for a low output MC Cartridge for this combination. Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to spend up to $1500.00
Johnny, I have an Origin Live Silver 250 arm. I think it is a super tonearm, with excellent design. I use a Denon DL103 cartridge with it. I am still breaking in the cartridge, but I am playing records about 7 hours a day, so I am making quick progress. After about 40 hours or so, the cartridge is really opening up. This is a fantastic cartridge that performs well beyond its price level. I only paid $150 new for it here on Audiogon. It is not available in the US, so the best place to get it is in Germany, or Japan(EIFL Export). Germany is cheaper. Many reviewers put it in about Class B performance level. It has extremely low compliance and very few arms can handle it, but the Silver 250 can do it. It tracks at about 2.75 grams on mine without mistracking. That is high, I know, but it comes along with the low compliance. Output is .3mv and needs a head amp or transformer. I use a Cotter MK2 and it works well. This is the best cartridge for the money that I know of. Owners of lesser arms or unipivots, beware!
In the mid price range, the Shelter 501 is an excellent choice for your arm. It is the OEM version of a Class A rated cartridge called the Crown Jewel that retailed for $2600. The Shelter 501 is available from EIFL of Japan for $650. Simply the best cartridge for that price range in your arm. Output is slightly higher than the Denon and compliance is around 9 or 10, which is a little easier on the arm bearings.
For the under $1500 category, I would go with the Shelter 901. Same purchasing agent, EIFL. Many users reviewing this cartridge say it is the best that they ever heard regardless of cost. While this may be some hyperbole, the cartridge is certainly one of the best out there. It is about $1300 from EIFL. Same story, low output, higher tracking force, great sound.Definitely Class A performance.
Any of these cartridges mentioned here would be a great sounding choice in your arm, and would give the "old style" moving coil sound and detail. "Old Style" meaning back when everybody used an analog source, and the smooth, detailed, balanced sound of the best MC cartridges were much sought after.
You may also consider a slightly used or discounted Koetsu, if you can find one.
If you wish to discuss this in more depth, you can email me. I am in the members directory.
Has anyone mounted a Clearaudio Virtuoso MkII on this arm? I'm looking at purchasing a new arm (maybe a Teres TT as well). I'm running my current Planar 3 thru a CJ PV10A.
The Virtuoso will work just fine in the Silver 250 arm.