cartridge for Nottingham spacedeck / spacearm ho

Any recommendations for a cartridge for a Nottingham spacedeck / space arm. I had heard great things about ZYX and was looking at their lower line (bloom fuji), but I believe my audio research ph2 phono pre needs a high output cartridge. SHelter looks low output as well. Looking for something with good presence and engaging (slight lean to warmth over analytical, that would mate well with the spacedeck, thanks. Last cartridge was a Sumiko BLue Point Special I didn't care for. Budget 1k ish.

would it be worth getting a step up pre?

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I've had good luck with the Dynavector line, I'm using the 20x5 now with my Nottingham and like it a lot.
my ARC ph2 had 48 db of gain

I've been doing a little homework of late, ouch

I'm wondering is the high output MM/MC cartridges like Benz Glider, Dyna 20XH, Benz Glider 2 or Sumiko Blackbird the way to go? Or am I missing some major magic only obtainable from low output mc.

Should I forgo the ARC ph2 for something with higher output or use a step up transformer like the Bent Audio Mu ($825) with the PH2? The ZYx, Shelter and Lyra cartridges all sound interesting but are .6 mv or less.

any other phono pre's or step ups to consider? thanks

then again I could spend additional money on a Loricraft record cleaner if a high output MM/MC cartridge will be engaging enough with strong tonal balance, detail and prat.

I went from a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood MM to a Zyz Fuji MC on my Spacedeck. The most obvious differences were microdynamics (or perhaps more delineation of individual dynamics for each instrument or sound?), as well as greater tonal richness and dimensionality to each instrument/sound.

I'm using Lundahl step ups, which sound fine and cost alot less then the Bent Mu's.
Queg - thanks for the input - di dyou go with the high or low gain version of the Fuji? the Lundahl is this the K&K version?, do you know if it can be hardwired in avoiding another interconnect? Are you using the spacearm or something else?


I had the high gain version of the Fuji (I've since upgraded to a low output Airy 3x). The Lundahls are from K&K. I hardwired them into a Hagerman Cornet phono pre. It was not difficult, but you'll also want to think about soldering in the right value resistors in parallel to your existing (I assume) 47k resistors so the cartridge will see its recommended load. There's more about cartridge loading and on the K&K website.

I'm using a Nottingham "The Foot" , a 12" arm that was a precurser to the Ace Anna arm. I was advised, and now I believe, that this arm doesn't do full justice to the Airy 3x.

I've since upgraded my phono preamp to a K&K Phono SE, which is very good (and uses the same Lundahl stepups).