Cartridge for Naim ARO

Hello all. I am looking for a romantic but detailed cartridge that will mate well with the ARO (on LP12). My budget is flexible up to $4500 (gently used ok). The phono preamp is the Aesthetix Rhea, which gives adequate gain for low output mcs.

I use a van den Hul-retipped Troika (sounds remarkably like the regular Troika), and would like a more flowing liquid sound. I value dynamics, sense of space, and presence over frequency extension or neutrality, though extension would be good too.

The ARO's effective mass is 11 grams, so it requires a relatively low compliance cartridge. Naim suggests a cartridge weighing 5.5 to 12 gm. Overhang cannot be adjusted on the ARO/LP12 as the ARO headshell has holes rather than slots for mounting the cartridge, and the arm is fixed to the armboard.

Cartridges I've liked on other arms include the Benz Ebony LP and the Lyra Skala.

If you've heard this arm with a cartridge other than the Troika I'd appreciate your input. Thanks for any ideas!
I have used a dyna Te-kaitora & XV-1 with great results in my ARO.
Also an AT OC9 sounded unsually sweet with the ARO
LIke Downunder, I've found that a Dynavector works beautifully with the Aro, though with the less-exalted XX-2 Mk. II. I also have experience with a Troika'd Aro of a friend's. I don't know that I'd characterize the Dynavector as "romantic", but it is a little warmer than a Troika. Good listening!
I've had great results with a wood bodied Benz MO.9 on my ARO which is on an LP12 as well. Coupled with the Artemis Labs PH-1, it provides excellent harmonics, with natural detail and dynamics that sounds like real live music, not hi-fi. I can't imagine why the Benz Ruby or LP wouldn't work well for you in the ARO. The Ruby 3H will be my next cartridge. I know alot of people have had success with the Dyna XV1S in the ARO, but I believe you may want to use the heavy counter weight with that cartridge or with the Koetsu's. You may want to try looking at the Naim Audio HiFI corner forum. A lot of great info regarding the ARO there as well as on the LP12. Please keep us posted as to what you choose and how you like it.
Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I checked out the Naim forum and have read about ARO-cartridge relations there and elsewhere. The bottom line is that Downunder, Birdies, and No_regrets pretty much cover the topic. The Dynavector XV-1S comes out on top in these reports, followed by other Dynavectors. Lyra is also recommended but less so. I admire the XV-1S but as Birdies says it’s not much sweeter than the Troika I have. It's probably worth trying though.

People report success using a range of cartridges with the ARO. These include the Troika for which the arm was designed, and:

Dynavector XX2 Mk.2, Te Kaitora Rua, XV-1s (Naim forum)
Lyra cartridges (Stereophile review)
Ortofon MC20 Super II (Vinylengine user)
Benz Glider (Naim forum)
47Labs Miyabi47 (Naim forum): “(geometry seems to be a good fit)”

**Everyone agrees the Troika is a good match. I have not found how far the stylus tip is from the mounting holes’ centerline, but measured this on my Troika to be roughly 7-8mm.
**The Akiva and other Linn cartridges do not get recommended often. Frank in May 07 Naim forum says: “The top Linn cartridges are made by Lyra and I compared the Akiva to the TK Rua in an Aro when Peter did my set up last September - no contest, the TKR won by a margin in the Aro.”

**The XV-1S gets the most enthusiastic reviews as a match for the ARO. It weighs 12.6 grams so exceeds Naim’s recommendations for the 11gram arm; to use it one would need to get the heavy counterweight available from Naim, as No_regrets says.
**The Te Kaitora Rua is said to be good too: “The geometry is not spot on with the TK Rua but it does not matter!! The music just flows!” according to one Naim forum user. Its distance from mounting holes to tip is said to be 8.3mm. Downunder, I take it this has not been a problem for you? Another forum poster writes: “I will reference the recent discussion on this forum where it was established that on the basis of pure measurements the Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua was also considered not appropriate for the Aro tonearm. This has not stopped many on this forum (and several dealers) to disregard this fact and use the cartridge on the Aro - and achieve wonderful results (as they have stated).” I’m afraid of mistracking and excessive and uneven record and stylus wear.
**The XX2 Mk.2 is said to be excellent for the price and a big improvement over the Mk.1.

**At 9.5mm the Titan distance to mounting holes is longer than in the Dynavectors or in the Troika. David Dever, a trade member (merchant) on the Naim forum, writes: “The Lyra cartridges have generally been a fantastic match for the ARO, and should be quite suitable given their geometry (stylus tip to mounting hole centerline distance is between 7.5-10mm)–from the Titan's description [quoting Lyra’s own description]: ‘the distance from the center of the mounting screws to the stylus tip is 3/8 inch (9.525mm). Henceforth, all Lyra cartridges will be standardized with these height and mounting-screw-to-stylus dimensions.’ There's enough give in the mounting screw holes in the ARO headshell to make this effective distance shorter by a mm or so–no problem placing it smack in the middle of the range, near to where the Te Kaitora Rua is already (8.3mm).”
** The Skala is the one Lyra I’ve liked—others have sounded thin or dry to me, in limited experience. According to Naim forum posts from June 2007, Jonathan Carr (Lyra's cartridge designer) said on the Naim forum that the Skala is much better suited to Linn’s Ekos arm than to the ARO.

There isn’t much information on the Benz though some others agree with No_regrets that they work well on the ARO. I’d like to hear more about that and also about the Miyabi geometry/synergy with the ARO.
I helped with tuning up an LP 12 with an ARO arm on to which we mounted a Transfiguration Phoenix cartridge. The combination delivered a very dynamic and exciting sound. I don't know about long-term appreciation, but for the two hours or so that we listened to this combination (brand new, un broken in cartridge) I enjoyed the liavely presentation.