Cartridge for my friend

So a year ago or so I had replaced my Pro-Ject Carbon Debut with a Marantz TT-15 and I had posted here that I would buy a new cartridge for the Carbon and do a A/B to see if the Marantz purchase was worth it....
Well that never happened because I ended up selling the Pro-Ject to a good friend who is also a new and budding audiophile! So cool to see the excitement in all his new audio discovery!Anyway he has a nice little system going and he is retiring from work here in six weeks... I thought I do what I’d said I would and buy him a upgraded cartridge for his TT as a retirement present. Now it’s a small budget I’m working on and I know how fast cartridges can get out of hand price wise so I want to keep it under $750.
The TT came with a Ortofon 2M Red and I was thinking of going with a Ortofon 2M Bronze for him? Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks for any insight that will help me get a perfect cartridge for my friend and a new member of our club!
If your already thinking 2M Bronze,
the 2M Black @ $755 is a no brainer.
I have both of them, I feel the Black is definitely worth price difference.
I own both the Ortofon 2m bronze as well as the Hana el...both about the same is a mm, the other a mc. I love them both.
I  don't have, but have heard and been impressed by both the Hana S and the Dynavector 10x5 Mk II.  Both are at the top of your budget range.  They're also both MC so his phono pre would have to work with that format.  Happy listening --  you're a good friend!

If you listen to acoustic music aka Classical , the Hana lacks the dynamic 
range .  

With that 6g arm Soundsmith  is your best bet .