Cartridge For Music Hall MMF-5? Which one to use?

I recently got a music hall MMF-5 and am running it with a Creek OBHse. I just moved and and in the whirlwind of things the needle seemed to get damaged in the stylus.(Goldring). I'm not sure if they can repair this? If I must I would like suggestions and experiences with MM cartriges in the $150 range new or used. I'm new to this so please explain!
Thanks Adam
I would suggest to stay with Goldring cartridges for Music Hall. Find yourself affordable one among in this line. Also you can try to find out if the replacement styli is available for your cartridge.
I agree. I recently bent the stylus on my MMF-5 during a tragic dusting accident. The NeedleDoctor hooked me up with a replacement stylus. It was a much more cost effective option than replacing the whole cartridge (I'm currently not dissatisfied with the Goldring 1012GX).