Cartridge for Micro Seiki MAX-237

Hi all. I've just bought a Max-237 with the s arm to mount on my upcomming SX-111FV Micro turntable. I'm unsure where to start for a cartridge as I understand little about the needs of this arm. Anyone have a couple of sugguestions to match with it? Under 2K and excellent used would be fine. Thanks in advance for your responses.
I'm using a ZYX Airy 3S with good results, but I'm wondering what else to try (I also recently purchased one of these arms).

I've heard on the Micro board that someone had good results with a Miyabi 47 on a Max-282.

I've would be interested in what others have to say.
Dear Rloggie: Congratulations for the Micro TT and for the MAX 237/282.

IMHO this tonearm is one of the best quality build/design tonearm that has very good/high performance.

Each one of its three different arm wands are very good but the S shaped is my favorite due that you really can/could match with almost any cartridge changing diferrent headshells ( headshell: build material, weight, shape, etc, etc ).
From this point of view you can run on it almost any MM/MC cartridge.

From my MM/MC cartridge research I can tell you that I choose ( better yet the MAX 237 match in a better way. ) the Micro ( S shaped ) tonearm in 18 different cartridges over other tonearms. It is dificult to find a MM/MC cartridge where the MAX 237 goes wrong.

Right now I'm enjoying my Van denHul Colibri on it ( my Colibri sample is a very low weight one, only 2.5gr. ). Recomended!!!!

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thanks very good news indeed! Mine has the J shaped arm; if I find them I will buy all shapes available for it. I have a 505 stereo and mono headshell. Also a MS headshell that is black and has a "winged" shape toward the front. Not sure what its from. I have no idea what the headshell that came with this tone arm looks like. Haven't found much on the web. Would you be able to discribe the original headshell?
Rloggie, congratulations on owning this great arm - I should never have sold mine, but life goes on! The Max arm(s) are distinguished by their lively sound and so the best cart match I found was something that leveraged that dynamic presentation. I have used a Z YX UNIverse on the 282 and that was not a bad combo, similar no doubt to the Airy 3, but I have always found the ZYX carts to be a little lightweight in the bass, possibly as part of the trade off for the clarity in the mid and highs and so I was never convinced that this was the best match, although compliance/mass wise they are compatible. The Miyabi would be a great choice, Koetsus work well here, and the Dynavectors would be sweet as well. Frankly, this arm is relatively agnostic to cartridge choice; as Raul points out in his post. I would recommend not using the damping well at all. I found it to temper transient performance. I would be tempted to try the My Sonic Labs cart here as well - just based on the discussions here and vinyl asylum.
Radicalsteve....Thanks for your input. Your thoughts about the ZYX are appreciated. Miyabi, Koetsu, and Dynavector...I look forward to trying them. My system includes Classic Audio T-1 speakers with TAD drivers and horns. Dynamics rule!
Dear Rloogie: +++++ " Max-237 with the s arm to mount on my upcomming... " +++++

This is what you posted and I " follow you ", there is no S shape MS tonearm instead there is the J shaped where all what I posted belongs to it.

yes your headshell is one of the original headshells, over the time MS had two-three different " original " headshells.

The other two arm wands are the sraight ones, one a low effective mass and the other in the high medium effective mass. Now if you find it or not what you need to find out are the different counterweights that could help you ( not only with the other arm wands ) to try different cartridges with different headshells.

Btw, I agree with Radicalsteve about the damping, it is better if you don't use it.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I have a Max-282 with J-arm and Koetsu Platinum. Do you worry about the inability to change azimuth?
Thank you,
Dear George: The Azymuth subject is a critical factor to achieve the best from any cartridge due that no one stylus cartridge comes in perfect alignment.

I never mount my KRSP on the MS tonearm because I obtain a near stellar quality sound reproduction on the Lustre one where and through the Lustre headshell you can make Azymuth changes.

Try to find a headshell with Azymuth movement and try it with your Koetsu and maybe you could have an improvement.

Regards and enjoy the music.