cartridge for linto

i have a cirkus'd, lingo'd lp 12 with ekos. i am using a factory rebuilt troika from 1998. i was curious which cartridges work well with the linto but don't want to spend for the akiva.
my first cart was a klyde, then Dynavector Karat 17d (retails for 800 bucks or so)...GREAT value!!! i had it for 2 yrs...sold it, bought an arkiv for 350.00 and got 800 towards the tradein for really, 3000 for akiva, minus 450 (net trade in) and 500 (sale of dynavector) it for 2100...still a lot, but heck, the klyde was 1500 i think. btw, which lingo do you have, old shoebox or new?
old linto from 1998, the 25th anniversary one. i like it, when i try out others, they sound different but not better.
wow..ive got the 25th anniversairy Linto as well...pretty ever look inside it? there is a big chrome plate inside with a map of scotland imprinted on it..
which Lingo do you have?
i have a lingo 1 from way back around 1997. my ekos is an ekos 1 from around 1995. yeah i saw the map of scotland on the chrome sealed box. i thought it was to hide proprietary linn circuitry initially. i always wondered why would they would build such a big box with so little guts inside.
agreed.. its almost disappointing when you pull that sleeve off..not much in there at all..sounds like youve got a great setup!!