Cartridge for Linn Axis/Akito turntable.

Hi all,

I own a Linn Axis/Akito and am in the market for a cartridge. I listen mainly to Jazz and female vocals. My system is a Bat hybrid integrated with Wireworld Gold Eclipse cables and Magnepans.

Would consider MM or MC...and it is mainly to listen to records that I have,..I don't seem to have buying high-buck 45rpm new pressings in mind, and am considering reasonably priced cartridges...bang for the buck type.

I think that the Goldring 1042 would be a good choice. It is re-labeled by Linn as the Linn Adikt cartridge and sold as a good match for their turntables. About $350 retail. A Dynavector 10x4Mk2 is also good for about the same price. The 10x4 is a high output MC cartridge and may match well, or not, depending upon the gain selections in your phono stage.

For a lower price, you might consider a lower cost Goldring, or an Ortofon X5-MC. The Ortofon is a high output MC cartridge and it may match well, or not, with your phono section,depending on the gain selections provided on your phono section.
Try the Linn K9 MM cartridge, which is specially designed for use in the Akito. Don't know retail prices, it used to be around 170 dollars and well worth it.
My honest recommendation is go with the Audio Technica AT440ML. A good NOS Linn K9 would be a good alternate choice (except it has a less refined stylus than the AT440's MicroLine tip).
About 11 years ago, I auditioned the Linn Axis with the Akito/K9 combination and was quite impressed(to the point that I almost bought the Axis right there on the spot - except my reason was it lacked pitch adjust). I bought a secondhand LP12 the following year (which believe it or not, didn't sound as good as that Axis I had heard the year before -I had initial upgrades done that helped a little, long story of initial disappointment, etc). I eventually purchased the Audio Technica AT440-ML, which I feel is not only better, but less expensive than the less refined Linn K9(or even K-18 II for that matter, which I had heard). In fact, I am still using the same Audio Technica AT440-ML on my Cetech subchassis'd, VPI SDS powered(pitch adjustable by the way), basik motored, Origin Live Silver 250 arm'd LP12(and those upgrades have made that cartridge sound better yet). Now my LP12 is immensely satisfying (not trying to degrade the Axis in any way, I still believe it's an awesome table for the price, and I feel my cartridge recommendation is an excellent choice without spending a whole lot).
Hope this info helps