Cartridge for JMW 10

I am in the market for a cartridge to use with my JMW 10 arm . Would the Shelter 501 be a good match, or would I be bettre looking elsewhere? I am looking at spending 500-1000 tops, and will be using it through an ARCPH3Se,ARC LS15, Gamut D200, driving VR4JR's. Currently have a Benz Glider HO, older version, and would like to get something that has more realism, and perhaps a tad lush. Any thoughts greatly apprciated.
I just purchased a ZYX Airy 3-S for my JMW 10/Aries TT combo from sorasound and am quite thrilled with it. It out tracks the Grado ref. it replaced and sounds exponentially better too. This model may be out of your price range, but one of the other ZYX models might do you good.......... I am not sure what the ZYX Airy 2 goes for. They make a high output version that's around .48mv that would probably be the best bet for your phono stage.

Hope this helps

I like ZYX's too, love them actually, but no one would call them "lush". Neutral, natural, seamless and realistic are the words that usually come to mind. In the long run that's more satisfying (to me) than listening to colorations added by a cartridge. "Lush" and "realistic" are rather contradictory goals. FWIW, the Benz users I know who've tried a ZYX prefer the ZYX.

Sorasound is currently auctioning a new R100 Yatra. This normally sells for $1100 but he's set a reserve of only $749.

If that climbs above your budget, he sells the R100H new for $870. That cartridge is reportedly a wonderful performer for its price.

I wouldn't put a Shelter on a JMW myself. Not the most suitable arm for a very low compliance cartridge IMO.

If you insist on some lushness, I'd say upgrade to a higher model Benz. It won't have the top end extension and clarity of a ZYX, but it will provide that extra bit of warmth.
I completely agree with Cmo and Dougdeacon. The Shelter would not be a good match for the JMW as this arm is better suited to the higher compliance cart such as the ZYX. I currently have the Aries 2/JMW 10 with a Zyx Fuji SH (0.48mV) into a PH3SE and it is superb.

I think Doug makes a good observation that the faster , more neutral sounding Zyx, may be more satisfying in the long run than one that emphesizes a lush quality. This IMO also.I have owned a few Benz's and a Koetsu Rosewood as a reference and while they sounded nice, the ZYX definately sounds more "real" to me.

Having owned the LS15 and PH3SE both together in my system at one time, I think also that you would do well to seek a output of around 0.4-0.5mV in the cart.

You have very good components in this system. I would try to stretch the budget on the Cart if you could. Mehran at Sorasound will work with you and give you his best deal to try to get you into a better cart. Thats what I did and Im glad I didn't settle for a lesser cart. Good Luck with your choice here.
Kehut, just curious if you find the need for the VPI 3 gram headshell weights with your cartridge, or is the 5 gram ZYX OK with this arm as is

The 5 gr.ZYX would be too light for the stock 10 arm.What I have is the stock arm without headshell weights. I obtained a light counterweight for the 10 arm from VPI. Its the same as the dropped CW used on the Scoutmaster model...but fits the 10 arm. Sheila took my stock weight in exchange, so it cost nothing to do. Without the lightweight part, I would have needed the headshell weights or the Silver Base option on my ZYX to balance properly.
Great solution Kehut.

AFAIK ZYX's optional silver weight is only available on the Airy 2, Airy 3 and UNIverse. JMW owners using lower priced ZYX's would have to get the VPI weights or, as you stated, a lighter c/w to increase their effective mass.
Thanks for the suggestion , guys. The counterweight seems the way to go.

Curious, Kehut, if you have run into this with your arm....The cartridge must be installed at the very end of the arm to get the proper position regarding the tracking protractor. This means that when I clost the dustcover, it actually taps the tip of the cartridge, unless I pull it forward a bit.I assumed I must have mounted the cartridge wrong at first, but several checks verify it's where it should be. I use the HWjr Mk4 table, ang gather the base is not designed for a cartidge like this, rather one with the stylus more forward so that there is clearance.
Makes one cautious when having a glass and spinning some discs, let me tell ya!!
Will get the lighter counterweight ASAP.
Thanks again.
I did indeed have this experience and called VPI. Harry suggested the lighter CW. He was very familiar with the scenario of trying to use a lighter weight cart like the ZYX and Dyna D172Mk2 on the 10 arm with the standard CW. The 10 with the standard CW is designed for cart weights in the 7 -12 G range any lower you will neeed to compensate for the weight balance as suggested.Any higher and you'll need the heavyweight model

The effective length of the 10 arm being what it is does indeed make for an interesting fit on your HW series table Im sure, especially with the cover!

Even on my Aries/JMW 10 combo the alignment jig when set in place puts the cart rather forward in the headshell for correct overhang, so im sure yours is correct also. The base of the Aries is the overhang does not look as prominent I suppose as the HW._ken
Spoke with Mike today at VPI, and he suggested BOTH the lighter drop counterweight and the 3 gram headshell weight. He said I would be better off with the counterweight mass a bit away from the pivot, contrary to popular belief, so I'll get that combo and see what happens.
Brrgrr, need to speak to Mike at VPI. Only # I have is an answering machine that instructs me to go to their website. What # can I reach Mike at? Thanks.
Frogman, I called 732-583-6895. Got the receptionist, I think,then Mike came on the phone.

Try it...good luck.
Great guy to talk to, BTW...