Cartridge for JA Michell Orbe Se with Technoarm

I just purchased a used Orbe se with Technoarm. Looking for good cartridge to go with it. I am using Burmester 011 pre with built in phono. when stereophile tested this pre they recommended low output cartridge for this pre.
I am thinking to try lyra delos any opinion on that, thanks
There has been many good feedbacks regarding this cart. I think you just need to make sure that the cart and the arm work well with each other. What is the gain on the Burmester? Check your manual to see if they have a recommended minimum output for the cart. And stick with carts that have higher output than the stated minimum.

Make sure you set up the table bounce correctly. You might want to replace the belt and the oil in the spindle. Michell recommended Mobil One 0W-40.

I have no experience with the Technoarm, but I would recommend upgrading up to an SME V. I have this combo, and am actually planning on mounting a Graham 2.2 on the other "ear". Many owners have reported good feedbacks with these two arms. My understanding is that the Technoarm is a glorified Rega.

I'm happily using a Graham 2.2 on my Orbe - I'm sure it sounds good with a Tecnoarm too, though I prefered the 2.2 when I A/B'd the 2 on a Gyro.

As for cartridges...the options are endless. Does your phono stage like high or low impedance coming out of the cartridge? I've enjoyed Benz cartridges, but they have a high-ish output impedance and don't match to all phono stages that are designed for low-output cartridges. I'm using an Ortofon A90 at the moment, and it's a very nicely balanced cart with low output and low impedance that matches my preamp isn't given away though!

Which version of the Graham 2.2 are you using? Does it have the Graham base or the SME base?


My 2.2 is an upgraded 1.5tc, which by definition has an SME armbase. Graham arms with an SME base can be a bit harder to find, but are a bit more convenient IMHO since you have drop-in alternate arm options.
I checked the manual for pre amp gain for phone is selectable between 73 and 75db.
That's very high gain...and an odd option. I don't know if I could hear a difference between 73 and 75 db...nor 73 would ever be too low! In any case, I took a look at the phono specs for the 011, and it looks like you're pretty flexible there, given that you can choose as high as a 1k ohm impedance.

So...your options are endless really! An Orbe/Tecnoarm is probably a pretty "heavy" sounding combo, so a cartridge that has a lively top end would probably be nice. On the other hand, there's plenty of liveliness in the Burmester gear I've heard. If you're willing to go there, a top-end Benz (low-output versions) is probably excellent on that combo, but Benz carts are a bit hard to come by these days due to recent health problems from Mr. Lukaschek. Other options could be EMT, Ortofon, or the slightly leaner but still excellent Zyx. It's always hard to recommend a cart, in part that I haven't heard them all and in part that it's very personal...
Basically anything will work fine other than really low compliance cartridges.

I have the same setup - Orbe with a Tecnoarm. Currently running an AT33PTG and it sounds very nice with the setup.
I purchased clearaudio talisman 2 gold. It sound good. I am going buy Benz too in the near future. Thanks everyone
I use a Clearaudio Virtuoso and it sounds very nice indeed.

I have been having great results using the Gyro SE MKII with SME V and Delos cartridge. So much so that i plan to upgrade the platter, springs and power supply to Orbe status.
I use a BAT VK-P10 phonostage with 72db of gain.