Cartridge for Gyro SE/ Rega RB300 &Slee Gold Era V

I'm looking for opinions on a cartridge to use on a Michell Gyro SE with a Rega RB300 arm used with a Graham Slee Gold Era MkV phono pre. The MkV requires a MM or high output MC cartridge. I don't understand enough about matching cartridges to tonearms. Any help would really be appreciated!
What is your budget? Blue Point Special EVO III,Clearaudio MMs or Nottingham MM?
Sorry... for got to give it a price range. I've heard good things about the Sumiko Blackbird, but I don't want to spend that much ($750.00). if possible, i want to spend $500 or less. Thanks!
I have a Michell Tecnodec, Rega Rb 250, and a Graham Slee Era Gold MK V, not exactly whay you're using, but similar, and I enjoy my CLearaudio Aurum Beta S wood body cart.
The Virtuoso Wood is supposedly better, retails for $800, but is available here for less...
I use the Grado reference Sonata for $400 with my Graham Slee era gold. Very nice combo.
Thanks for the input. I'm still researching. I'll let you know what I end up with. Any other suggestions out there?
Being completely new to "real" analog playback, I cannot suggest that I've compared carts. Audiogon member Twl has teh cart/arm "matching" knowledge you seek, however many analog-friendly dealers would be able to suggest a good match to the widely used Rega arms.

good luck.
I'm not sure what type of music you listen to, but if you favor anything other than the classical spectrum, do a Google search for the Reson Reca. It's not available as far as I know from any US source, but is available readily from UK dealers. Origin Live is one source. The TNT Audio website review makes it sound like a very interesting MM cartrige. Many european listeners with Rega Arms who need the best available MM seem to favor this unit. It will cost about $500 to import. I'm thinking very seriously about trying one myself on my VPI scout. I have used a Goldring 1042 (the Reson is a modified 1042) in the past and loved many things about it. I'm using a Grado Sonata now, which is nice, but the Goldring sure did the PRAT thing really well and I'd sure like to hear what an upgraded version would do.
Thanks for all the suggestions, I guess I should have mentioned that I listen to alot of rock music of many different tempos and types. At times I listen to almost every type of music, but rock is highest on the list and classical is lowest (in term of what types of vinyl spend the most time on my turntable).

As to your question about whether the DNM cartridge's are available in the US, I do know they are as the importer lives here in Austin. Concert Sound is the importer, and his info is given in Art Dudley's DNM reviews for Stereophile.

Actually at his store, he is using that cartridge on a RB250 with a Michell Gyro SE.

I liked the Clearaudio Virtuoso a lot when I had a Gyro & Rega arm. Later, when I switched to a SME arm, I used Golding Elite and VDH moving coils, but never had a chance to try those w/ the Rega arm.

the staton 881 sounds great with that set up.
Anyone suggest Dynavector yet? 10x4 or 10x5 if you can afford it. I use the 10x4 w/ rb250 (stock with rega p2) with great results- It blows away the rega planet 2k CD player. Of course, I haven't tried SACD yet. I'm happy with the analog!