Cartridge for Grace 747 arm?

I need a cartridge for a grace 747 arm mounted on a Linn lp12. Anyone used this arm? Open to opinions...would like to stay under $300 (MM preferably). Doesn't need to be the BEST sound, just a good match. Thanx, Benthar

The classic combination was the Supex 900 with this combo of arm/table. From time to time there are some Supex cartridges on one of the well known auction sites.

Regards, Richard

I had a Grace 707 on a LP12 years ago. The Grado cartridges were a nice match. I think I also had a Sumiko Blue Point Special at one point, but that could have been with a Sumiko arm. Both are in your price range and have good reviews.
Hello- I have a minty 747 and a matching minty Grace F9E- it IS an excellent match. Sorry I want to keep them both. I also had an F9E Ruby, which I wish I had kept... I'm sure it would have been sweet!
I recommend any black plastic Grado. I have an 8MZ on a Grace 747/Thorens TD160S combo. I have tried many tonearms with this cartridge. The Grace sounds the best.