Cartridge for Eminent Technology ET-2 tonearm

Has anyone tried newer cartridges on the arm? Example Hana, ZYX. Ortofon, Soundsmith etc. with good results?

The manufacturer has tried Ortofon, Sumiko and Denon brands. This was testing they did a long time ago. What is the verdict?

Thank you

dcaudio -
What configuration of ET tonearm are you running? Are you set up for heavy or light cartridge, high or low compliance ?   

(from the ET2 tonearm owners thread link).

ET 2.0 and ET 2.5 Tonearm Cartridge Guidelines 

The information in the link is broken down by
1) ET Tonearm version,
2) Armwand version, and
3) I-Beam version.

Three separate ET tonearm setup factors need to be considered in setting up for "any"  cartridge - for best results. (managing resonances)

General Guidelines.


Tonearm Version

ET 2.0 ___________________________ ET 2.5

Higher Compliance Cart ______________Lower Compliance Cart


Armwand Version

Aluminum __________Carbon Fiber _______Magnesium

High Compliance ______Medium__________Low Compliance


I Beam - Leaf Springs - (a higher mass cartridge needs more
counterweight mass, which in turn needs a stiffer decoupling spring).

Single Leaf Spring _____Double LS __________Triple LS ____

Low Mass __________Medium Mass_________High Mass


This info is endorsed by Bruce Thigpen

dc no matter what you do you are up against one problem. The horizontal effective mass is much higher than the vertical effective mass.
The best way to deal with this is stick to relatively stiff cartridges like Air Tight, Koetsu, and the Ortofon Anna. Low compliance. Get a test record like the Hi Fi News then add weight to the head shell until you get a reasonable situation. You have both vertical and horizontal resonance. You want to get both between 6 and 12 Hz if you can. Keep adding weight until you get the vertical around 12 Hz the check the horizontal. It will be lower. As long as it does not drop below 6 Hz you will be fine. 
This is the problem that keeps most of use well healed audiophiles in pivoted tonearms. The allure of straight line trackers is extreme but they do limit your choice of cartridges. 

You can have your cake and eat it too. The key is to find the right baker, and have him/her give you their recipe. I have provided the recipe/formula for making a cake with an ET tonearm in the previous post.

Posting generalizations in an audiophile public chat forum is IMO wrong; especially when setup and knowledge rank as the most important factor. You show lack of knowledge to other ET2 owners.

SonusBlue Gold  Dynamic Compliance: 50 x 10-6cm/Dyne.

Dug this video out of the archives from years ago - recorded using a Blackberry - remember when they were the most popular business device?  50 Compliance