cartridge for Dual 604

I'm looking for a cartridge recommendation for a Dual 604. It's my dad's machine and his budget is $50 - $200. He's got a Mac 4100 receiver w/ the following phono section:
2 mV; 47,000 ohms; 87 pF. It has 42 db of gain.
I don't know anything about the tonearm. It's stock but I can't find specs on it. He listens to classical music exclusively.
Any recommendations you can offer will be welcome!
I have a Dual 701 and found the Pickering XSV5000 to better all others I own, including: Clearaudio Vituoso Wood, Ortofon Super OM40 and Shure V15 Type III.

A UK seller on Ebay is now offering a NEW-Pickering-XV15-625E with 2 new spare styli for $139. It is compatible with both the table and receiver you list.

I don't know how closely it's sound will approach the XSV5000, but Pickering made very nice cartridges back in the day.
I'll take a look. As I recall, my dad had a pickering on this table back in the early 80s. Of course, no idea what model, or if he liked it!