Cartridge for clearaudio/souther TQ-1

I am currently using clearaudio/souther TQ-1 tonearm with Koetsu Onyx cartridge. It has had some mistracking problems from the beginning, but it became worse recently. Thus, I am thinking of purchasing a new cartridge having low compliance. I plan to use Helikon as a possible solution for this problem, but someone suggested me to try van den Hul cartridge. I need your opinion for the suitable cartridge for the TQ-1 tonearm. By the way, my turntable is Verdier La Platine.
I have had stunning results using the Red Rose/Rose Petal.It replaced a Clearaudio Reference cartridge.I am told that it is a Myabi cartridge housed in an aluminum body.It sounds great.I have also heard good things about the $3000 ZYX "Airy" cartridges.I can help on pricing with the Red Rose,not the other.Maybe a "Magic Diamond" ??