Cartridge for Clearaudio Concept TT

I've had a Clearaudio Concept TT for a few years.  It came mounted with the base Clearaudio Concept MM cart.  I'm starting to look around at an upgrade and I'm looking for suggestions.

I'm using 1980's Yamaha SS gear with a pair of Klipsch Chorus II speakers.  I listen to Rock, Blues, and Jazz. Good midrange and bass slam are more important to me than top end sparkle.  That being said, I don't want a veiled/dark sound.

My local dealer is suggesting the Dynavector 10x5.  I've never heard this combo, but have some reservations based on reviews of the cartridge that I've read.  It does have some great reviews as as well.  This is especially true when talking bang for the buck, but it looks like this cartridge has jumped in price in recent years.  Maybe that is not so much the case anymore at the $650 price point?

Any thoughts on the Concept w/Dynavector 10x5 combo?  I'm trying to keep the price below 1K so the Concept MC would be as high as I would want to go.  My Yamaha C-60 preamp has 100 and 1000 ohm setting for MC carts if I go that direction.

Any opinions would be appreciated.

The Dynavector 10X5 will blow you away! dont hesitate buy it! 2 YEARS AGO THAT CARTRIDGE WAS SELLING FOR $450! I upgraded to a 20X2 and I kept my 10X5 its so good I cant let it go. It will be the best upgrade your system has ever had! trust the Dyn you wont be disappointed.

Matt M
The price jump is part of my issue Matt.  A few years ago this same cart was $200 cheaper.  At $450 I wouldn't have too many reservations on giving it a shot.  At $650 it's starting to get into 2M Black territory, and $1K carts aren't that far off.  I could justify the price jump if I saw that there was some sort of improvement done to the cartridge.  For example :the elliptical stylus was upgraded to their micro ridge nude diamond.  I've yet to see any mention of any updated improvement that would justify a huge price increase.

I'm not saying that the cartridge doesn't sound as good or better than any $600ish cartridge that is available, but it's now in the range of a lot more competition. 

Perhaps the price jump is why my local dealer is suggesting it so strongly?  If MSRP has increased $200 while dealer cost increase was marginal, that would yield a much bigger profit margin.  Or perhaps they truly think that I would enjoy the 10x5 over the Concept MC.

The 10X5 has a lot of JUMP factor. Its a lively sound and not at all edgy or harsh. Sure it was a steal back at $400 in 2012. Everything Vinyl has increased in price. Check the used market for one, or pay $350 more for a High output 20X2. Either would be great purchases. It really shines on your music taste, If you like rock and jazz, go for a Dynavector. I would stick with a high output MC or a MM for your system. The $400 to $600 range is a tough one and I think the Dynavector rules this price point.