cartridge for AVID and Phantom

I have an AVID Volvere with a Graham Phantom II and am looking for a suitable cartridge.
Currently I am using a DV XX2 mkII -

any recommendations?

thanks for your help
It would really depend on the rest of the system and your taste. I sell Dynavector, Koetsu, and VDH but I couldn't tell you which would be best in your system to you. Let alone Air Tight, Ortofon, etc. A cartridge is, along with speakers, the most personal choice in a system. You do get more with money spent but at a diminishing rate. The top Dynavector just received the highest rating given yet by HIFICRITIC, but it was only barely ahead of the Koetsu Vermillion. Although their rating was very similar they did not sound alike and the magazine pointed out that some with a lower rating might work better in a given system. I just got a Vermillion for a friend who has a Phantom 2 on a Raven table and he is very happy with it; he was using the same cartridge as you have previously. He still likes it and has sent it back to be retipped. The table and arm you have will justify using any of the top cartridges; unfortunately, it is very hard to choose without hearing it in your own system.