Cartridge for a vintage Sansui table/arm

Hi All,

Looking for a recommendation on a cartridge for a vintage Sansui 2050 arm/table. I don’t really understand all the issues re: ideal compliance and weight. This will be playing through an Audible Illusions Modulus 2D with 28db of gain in the phono and 30db addl. In the line stage for a total of 58 db of gain. Loading is fixed at 47k ohms.

The rest of the system is a 30 watt Music Reference amp and Proac 1sc speakers, Max budget would be $500 but I would greatly prefer to spend less. I also want something very midrange oriented (along the lines of Spica TC-50 speakers if that makes sense).

I have a pdf of the brochure and manuals but can't figure out how to post them.

These were just not that good a table and you would be wasteing your money to spend very much. A Shure 97 would be a good match and I have seen them for around $70 in the past. Save the rest of the money for a better table and arm.
Yeah, your source appears to be the weakest link, though you didn't mention the cables.
What Stanwal said makes sense. Unless your table is valuable to you and you plan to keep it for a long time, and you don't want to spend a lot on a better table/arm. Then, yes, get the best cartridge you can afford.
You didn't say what kind of music you mostly listen to either.
I second the Shure 97, great sound and value. If you search you will find them for $50. Why spend more?
Thanks guys. I picked the table up locally so I could spin some vinyl on a second system. It wasn't expensive and is in really unbelievable condition, at least cosmetically. I'll look into the Shure as it sure is in my budget :)

This is the full number, M97xe. This place has a good price.
Ed Saunders, red