Cartridge for a Thrones 166 MK II

Hello all and thanks for all the information that all may provide me on making a good choice on a Cartridge.

The TT is a THORENS TD 166 MK II the cartridge that is on the TT a this moment is Nagaoka MP 10 which I'm not sure if it's any good or not have not use it since i just acquire the TT , I do have a LP that I can use to try it on to see if it's any good .

My musics choice is Jazz ,Oldies ,R&B and some Latin musics .

Now I'm not going to take a 2nd mortage on the house looking for something in a good price range of 100.00 and will to go 300.00 .

I'm not going to change or do any mods to the tt at this moment I know I can use a better arm then the one that is on the tt now which is all shock .

Just looking for input to make a choice for this tt and a cartridge that will last and play well for the time being .

So all you Guru that have been then and done that like to know your thoughts .

Again I express my thanks to all that do provide information .

May music be in your heart for the rest of your days and ring in your ears forevermore. *Luckylou*