Cartridge for a Rega P2

I'm looking for the least expensive cartridge to use with a planar 2 in a small room and a very modest set-up (NAD L40 and phono pre into Paradigm Atoms)- something that is still reasonably good with the thought of one day (when my kids are less destructive) of moving the table to the bigger room and upgrading at least the cartridge-
thanks in advance for the feedback-
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If you can accomodate an MC cartridge... I use a Garrott
k3 with my rig.. on the p3... it is much better than alot of the mm carts I have used.. price is in the 250 to 300 range... check out
Good luck,
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I think a Goldring 1012 would fit the bill nicely. Low cost and good sound. A good match with your arm too.
go with a Rega cartridge for value.
Grado GTE+1 About $38 from Audio Advisor.
e-mail musicdoc for a "review".. I sent him one to put on a table for a friend and he (and I) are surprised how nice this dirt cheap Grado sounds.
It is the ONLY Cartridge to ever recieve a Stereophile Class D rating :~)