Cartridge for a Onkyo CF-1280f?

I have an Onkyo CF-1280f DD turntable that was made (my guess) in the early 80's. It is a good looking old table that I just got back from the repair shop. They fixed the auto return mechanism. I have always wanted to try the Denon DL-103 cartridge. Would this table be a good match for that cartridge? I know the max tracking force of the table is 0 to 2.0g...and the DL 103 requires 2.5g. The suitable cartridge weight for the Onkyo is 4-11 grams. I believe the 103 weighs 8.5g. Is there any way to add weight to the counterweight on the turntable? Should I look for another cartridge like the DL 110?
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Audio-Technica AT95E for $50 should do the job. The arm is very low mass so not suitable for the low compliance Denon.
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Adding weight to the CW will lower the VTF range.
I have the Musical Fidelity LX2-pls phono pre amp..I believe it should work.
I was also thinking about getting washer/washers from the hardware store.
noromance what is VTF range?
Looked it up.. Vertical Tracking Force?
For a mere $75 the Grado Labs Prestige Black 2 cartridge (MI) appears to be the best choice of all the sub-$500 cartridges! And maybe even the sub-$1K's! Highly recommended!