cartridge for a magnepan unipivot

Any cartridge suggestions or knowledge about the arm? It is mounted on the micro seiki bl-91 I just picked on this site. Thanks
One of the lower priced Goldring cartridges would go nicely on there. Won't break the bank, sounds good, is MM so it will go in any phono section.
I was thinking of a better mc...should I just get a new arm
No, you don't necessarily need a better arm. I was just trying to suggest a reasonably priced cartridge.

If you want to spend more, maybe a Benz Glider would be nice on there.

Just beware of the stuff like Koetsu or Shelter that might be too low in compliance for the older unipivots. Try to make a good match with the arm.
Thanks....but I just picked up a Denon 103D.
There are now some publications at Vinyl Engine about this arm and a discussion at the forum overthere.
Hmm.. Not MC- carts on this arm!