Cartridge dilemma

Hi guys, i posted two weeks ago about the fact that my DV 10X5 stylus broke and i need to decide what i will do next.
so far i spoke to Peter Lederman at soundsmith and for retipping it will cost me $250 or $350 explaining some work beyond my understanding, i also was told by a dealer that iron cartridges did not work with PS audio phono what Peter today said it wasn't true.
I would like to hear from your experiences with soundsmith and DV cartridges what could the smartest move since i am don't have lots of cash to spend on graduate school, but certainly i would like to get the right one.

Peter suggested "The boheme" he also mention that when you buy from them you only pay 20% for repairs afterwards what seems like a long term investment.

Before i was considering:
Dynavector 17D3 Phono Cartridge
Ortofon 2M Black Phono Cartridge

MY TT Rega P5 no upgrades.
PS Audio GCPH phono preamplifier

I will really appreciate any inputs related to my current dilemma, i am sure some of you had gone trough the same.

thank you always,
Sorry, now I am confused. I was under the impression that you could not afford to buy a new 10X5, and you were looking for less expensive alternatives. Then you mention that you are considering 3 cartridges that cost more than the 10X5. So I am lost, I have no idea what you are trying to accomplish. Would you care to fill in the blanks of exactly what kind of help you are looking for?

Have you considered the Dynavector trade in program? Many dealers will give you 20% off a brand new cartridge for the trade in of an old one. As far as I know, the old one does not have to be a functioning one. So you could get a brand new 10X5 for $360. I would do that before spending $250-$350 just to repair an older one, but as always, YMMV.
Great advice from Jmc. Excellent answer.

A few weeks ago a friend and I did a cartridge shoot out using a Rega P9 and a pimped out P25. Cartridges on audition were:

Dynavector 20XL2
Ortofon Black
Denon 103R
Dynavector XV-1
Benz Wood L2

Neither one of us had a preference between the Dynavector 20XL2 and the Ortofon Black, the two that you are considering. Yes, they sounded different. One might say different but equal.
Just to make sure you guys understand what I was trying to explain.
When the DV 10x5 stylus broke I was considering an upgrade for a cartridge on a 1k range reason why I mentioned below.
Sorry if I wasn't clear enough mentioning.
Thank you
Well then you could use the Dynavector trade-in program as suggested. If $360 is still too much money, grab a Ortofon 2M Red for about $100.
As I said I want an upgrade from the DV 10x5 to a better performer for my rega p5.
Willing to pay 1,000 for new or used, prefer new actually.
Of those you have listed, I would go for the 17D3. This is a sweet cartridge, and the diamond cantilever really transmits the dynamics. Lots of happy D3 owners out there. . .
Well I have a 2M black and found it to be a very worthy cartridge. I currently am using a Virtuoso Wood cartridge and find it to be warmer with softer highs and deeper bass. I do find the 2M black a little on the harsh side. I am in the process of changing over to a MC. It just so happens I was looking at the 20X2 and the 17D3. I am leaning more towards the 17D3 over the 20X2 for the very reason Catastrofe mentions. I find by all accounts that the 17D3 would be the best for my system. A little harder to set up due to the cantilever being so short and almost hidden but well worth it from what I have read.
A vote for the Zu Denon 103
my vote for the 20x2L. I have great experience with this dyna together with the GCPH.
The 20x2L at almost double the price of the 10x5 will last longer than 2 10x5's. The 10x5 sounds pretty good but they are not well constructed, and bend way too easily. Best of luck.
If your interested in a boheme, I have one I might list on the classifieds. It has been out of rotation for quite some time. I had it re-tipped from soundsmith and haven't played it much since. It used to be my primary cartridge and I enjoyed it very much. I know have a soundsmith sussuro paua as my primary cart and have been keeping the boheme as a back up. I will probably list soon if there is some interest shown here.
As Vinylmad814 mentions, you may want to check out the Clearaudio MM's. You could also ask Peter L. about their Denon 103's. I think you are on the right track. The Shelter 5000 may also be in your price range. I would ask about the 17D vs the 20X-L. I have heard them both, but not at the same time in the same setup.... IMHO, they are different enough, that you should prefer one over the other. My guess is it could come down to the way your system is balanced. Sounds like you could have a synergy there w/ the DV carts and your GCPH!