cartridge demanatising

i just picked up at a thrift shop a "olsen tape demagnatiser" the unit i guess was desinged to clean or demag reel to reels but what im wondering is can i use this thing to demag my phone cartridge? i have a sumiko pearl and have been using for about a year. have never used or really know how. can i demag the cartridge with this? or should i leave it alone?
Absolutely the wrong kind of demagnetization. With a cartridge, a strong "electrical" signal is sent through the coils of a moving coil cartridge to demagnetize certain iron parts of the cartridge which should not be magnetized.

A bulk demagetizer used on tapes creates a powerful magnetic field. If it has any effect at all, it would be to demagnetize the permanent magnets in the cartridge, a VERY BAD idea.
demagnetizing cartridge is the bad idea overall.
thanks for the responce. i couldn't wait so last night i blasted it for about 3 seconds. sounds different now than before. sounds better. but i do not think i will chance it again. but thanks for the advice. it was probably my imagination that it sounds better. plus i held the thing about 6 inches away from it so maybe it did not do anything to it.