cartridge demagnetizing vs. no demagnetization

I know it is popular for many vinyl lovers to demagnetize their cartridges once in a while,myself included,however,I remember reading a letter written by A.J.Vandenhul a few years back that argued strongly against this as he felt it could ultimately weaken the magnet structure over time,and lower the lifespan of the cartridge.Anyone have any knowledge of this effect?
This is certainly a topic with divided trains of thought. I have heard cases both ways. For a few years I have used the Cardas Frequency Sweep LP to deflux my cartridge and have been very pleased with the results. This has avoided having to use a demagnetizer. I guess that now someone will have the opinion that the Frequency Sweep LP will damage the cartridge or something else.
Jonathon Carr of Lyra once posted an excellent explanation on VA of why it's safe and effective on some cartridges, ineffective or even dangerous on others. Search there under his user name "jcarr" and you'll find it.

Like Jependleton I use the Cardas Sweep Record. It produces solid results with Koetsu's and Shelters. IME those cartridges rather quickly become unlistenable without it. A treatment at least once a week was necessary with our Shelter 901. No big deal, it takes only 5 minutes.

The ZYX's we've been using for the last six months don't seem to need or react to it as much. It doesn't do any harm AFAIK, but the benefits are subtle (imaginary?) at best. We notice more from the Ayre sweep CD, which presumably de-mags the speaker voice coils.

I've never tried an active demagnetizer. A J VdH scared me off!
Well, I prefer the Cardas Sweep Record. I am on the safe side with that.
I used demagnetizing lots of years ago with cheaper cartridges .... anyway, I am not mad about that.
I have had positive results with the Cardas record on my Grado Reference. If I am not mistaken but could be wrong the Cardas record degauzes the whole system.
Dear friends: I had bad/good experiences with active demagnetizing using the Sumiko Fluxbuster.

It works very well with the old Koetsu's and moving magnet cartridges. I use too with many others cartridges type and I can't perceive any better sound reproduction changes. But two of my cartridges were damaged for this demagnetizing: Clearaudio and Allaerts, what happen?: I do the demagnetizing cicle and the cartridge works for a week or two and suddenly one of their chanels go out of work: the coil wire was broken ( do to the demagnetizing ).

So be carefully about.

BTW, Ortofon told me this about demagnetizing: " remember that demagnetizing a cartridge with NON-MAGNETIC armature has NO SENSE.... ". Anyway, the best any can do about is to ask to the cartridge manufacturer.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Seems that I have read somewhere in the past that there is a passive way to demag cartridges--

By crossing the RCA's ie: touching the signal pins with the ground pins, holding for ~20 seconds it is supposed to demag the cart.

Anyone heard of or tried this approach ?

It would be interesting to compare some of the different methods.

I for one am not willing to experiment with a demag unit such as the fluxbuster.

(Now I need to order the Cardas record, as I really like Cardas products) hmmmm.

On a side note, I once applied the tiniest amount of Caig to the conections at the pins for an old Aperture cart, and it killed one channel-- Grrrr, I am just glad it wasn't an expensive cart.

I sent 2 letters to T.A.S. asking for clarification on this subject with NO response.I guess they are too concerned about increasing their circulation on 5.1 surround sound,yet they post pictures of their CLASSIC OLD ISSUES and articles from 20 years ago,as though they actually care about that generation(analog enthusists).WHAT A JOKE!!!
By the way.I too have a Sumiko Fluxbuster that I've used many times(with no ill effects)on a Koetsu Rosewood Sig.and an Onyx Sapphire.The results were clearly slightly better.I now have a,lovely,Transfiguration Temper-v that I have been a bit scared to demag.However,a friend,who also has the Transfig. has Demagnefied numerous times,always with a slight improvement,and has had no problems.The only downside is the fact that the demag. process never lasts more than a few listening sessions.I have another audiopal with the latest demag gizmo and the results are exactly the same as the Sumiko,so I'm holding onto mine until the dust clears on the subject.It's too cute to sell in favor of a CD demagnetizer.