Cartridge compliance vs tonearm effective mass

Hello, i have some difficulty grasping the relationship between those items. On the scale, what is considered "high" and "low" compliance. Typically, a low compliance cartridge need a heavy arm. Consequently, a high compliance cartridge need a lightweigh arm. I currently have a Benz Ruby 2H (compliance of 15) mounted on a SME V with an effective mass of 10/11gram. My question is: how do you properly match cartridge to arm using compliance and effective mass of tonearm. I am considering replacing my Benz Ruby 2H with a Benz LP or a Koetsu Jade/Onyx Platinum, or Lyra Titan or VDH Condor. Which would mate best with the V and which should i absolutely avoid. 70% of my listening is Jazz. HELP!!!
Not an answer to your question, but a for what it is worth. After going through several well rated cartridges for an extended period of time, my two favorites were the two with a significant compliance mismatch on paper. Looking at your list above, I would guess that the 'voice' of the cartridge suiting your taste might be much more significant than the compliance consideration. As they say though, your mileage may vary.
Effective mass is different than the actual "weight" of an arm. The following site will be a big help: ( It should answer most(if not all) of your questions.