Cartridge/compatibility question

I just got a Eurolab premier tt with Morch UP-4 arm. I'm trying to figure out which cartridge is a better match the Benz wood body H2 high output or the Scheu Benz. Please advise. Thanks guys.
I was waiting for someone with direct experience to answer.
Since nobody has, I'll try to give some insight.

Since the Scheu is lighter(6.6g) compared to the H2 Wood(9g), you'll have to take that into account for matching with this arm. The compliance is about the same. The Scheu has a little lower output(1.6mv) compared to the H2 Wood(2.5mv). Generally, lower output can mean better responsiveness.

I haven't heard a comparison of these cartridges myself, so I can't make any definitive statement on it. However, my gut feeling is that the Scheu, being lower in output and a cross between the H2 and the Ruby, and handmade by Albert Lukaschek, would probably do a bit better sonically.

It is likely that either would do well in the Morch for compatibility. Sonically, you'll have to make the call yourself.

Maybe you'll be lucky enough to get a response from someone who has directly compared them.
Thanks for your input. You never seem to let an analog brother down.