cartridge cleaning? Not the stylus........

Got an e-mail from Soundsmith saying my cartridge was very dirty. Dirt and debris he said. I asked about compressed air and he said no way. "We use funtak"he said. Funtak is a putty you stick things to the wall with. Can't picture it and I have bugged them enough. I wash my records(spinclean) vacuum and use Mr. Clean block and Zerodust every side. What do other people do?
Loctite Funtak. Please google it.
I use Bostik Blu Tack to clean my stylus sometimes too. So far so good. just make sure it is streteched and kneaded till it is nimble and soft before use.

If Soundsmith said the "cartridge" was dirty, they may not have been referring to the stylus. Cartidges tend to collect gunk everywhere, including on internal surfaces that most users cannot (and should not) clean. IOW, before you go looking for solutions, make sure you understand the problem.

That said, a Magic Eraser and Zerodust regimen, if used correctly and regularly, will keep a stylus and lower cantilever as clean as the day they were made. If yours are dirty, the flaw is more likely to be in your technique than in your tools.

P.S. Soundsmith is 100% correct about compressed air. Blasting the delicate interior wiring of a cartridge with compressed air would be a great way to make the cartridge play quietly, very quietly... forever.
Apart from that don't forget to use healthy Frequency Sweep LP (Cardas) to refresh the sound of your MM/MI/MC cartridge and even the speakers. Very cheap and effective solution.
Yes i use the magic eraser and the zerodust. Do people rub the stylus in the magic eraser? I just let it settle on it with the damped cue. I will try the putty. I was afraid it would be too sticky and take the diamond off. I periodically use a brush on the whole underside. I guess the dirt inside the body is best left alone then. It is a wooden body cardas and I think the air holes and the open space around the workings invites it.

I use a sliver of ME on a toothpick and brush VERY DELICATELY down the cantilever and all sides of the stylus. That said, I'm myopic and have small, steady fingers. If you have trouble seeing tiny objects or are inclined to be a klutz, think twice before using this method.

Agree with using a soft brush on the whole underside. I do that after every ME cleaning to assure that any small particles are removed. ME fibers are very abrasive, you don't want them in your record grooves. A stylus dip in a Zerodust or piece of silly putty (or similar) is a good idea for the same reason.

All cartridges get dirty inside, some more than others of course depending on how open they are. Cleaning inside is for experts only, as the coil winding wires are extremely delicate. They might break if you look at them too hard. ;)

+1 to Chakster's mention of the Cardas frequency sweeps. Makes a nice sonic improvement to any cartridge with no risk.
Is a frequency sweep the same as a de-magnetizer? I have one on my power plant.
adn my zerodust is old. I wash it regularly. I guess it is just permeable moist plastic so I assumed it didn't wear out. but, dust to dust I guess...
The frequency sweep tracks (such as on the Cardas LP) are a safe method of demagnetizing.

Some cartridge manufacturers recommend against the use of any other kind of demagnetizing, and will void their warranty if one is used and damages the cartridge. Contact the cartridge manufacturer or an authorized dealer before using such a device on any phono cartridge.
Someone asked about Magic Eraser. Let the stylus drop on the damped cue into the eraser. Then lift it using the cue. Repeat a few times. Do NOT move the eraser nor drag it over stylus as you could pull the diamond off.