Cartridge choice? Shure M97Xe, Ortofon 20, Empire

Okay so I am stuck between these 3 carts... I have a shure V15 RS on my table now.. However its getting old, and I do like the sound but would like a little higher output, so I figure the Shure M97xe is a good choice, a current model, and cheap.

But I have seen the Ortofon OM 20 super, highly recommended as well, but it is supposedly more anylitical, possibly thinner sounding overall, with slightly more exagerated highs. So against the Shure being very Neutral is this really going to make me frown if I tried it?

Also, I have seen in this link

an empire cartridge, of course now out of production I believe from the 80's vintage... It looks like pretty awesome specs. and I have heard a lesser Empire I believe on a Old Kenwood table and it really sounded impressive from what I recall..

So the question is should I not stray far from the shure if it seems they get it done Tone wise?
Basically I am asking opinions as to the superior cartride in your guys eyes(or ears) for what they may do different.

I like very full sound, not to tinny sounding or overly detailed(might be considered bright) or very Dry sounding. And Bass performance needs very good weight to it, as mostly it will play a lot of rock, and more agressive midbass driven material in general.

Thanks for the support
The Shure offers solid punch and ought to give you more output. The Ortofon offers more refinement. In a nutshell, if you're already driving bass heavy speakers or large woofers the Ortofon will keep things neat and clean. If you've got bass limited monitors the Shure will help flesh out the sound. As you seem to favor the Shure sound I'd say go with what you know.
Sounds good, I do not want to get to complex, the empire looks like its good from the specs. but obviously no support anymore, at least with the shures they are great prices and will be around more than likely forever, thanks
Dear Matrix: The Empire EDR.9 hands down any Shure cartridge and beats the Ortofon OM 20.

Of course the EDR.9 is out of production and don't have any support from the original manufacturer. But there are severals sources for do the retipping when you need it. As a fact ( I think ) Benz-Micro should give you any support about, this company was former Empire.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Interesting responses, I think that the sounds of the Ortofon and Shure have been characterized well above. I would point out that the Ortofon does have an upgrade path, all you have to do is order a new stylus and you can have an OM-30 or OM-40. With a squirly arm, the Shure may be a better choice as it has the stabilizer brush. Ya pays ya money and takes your choice. I rather think that the Audio Technica AT-440ML is a pretty good choice in the price range of the Ortofon; is is brighter yet, with better detail retrieval.
Okay guys I went with the Empire, it looks like a killer cartridge for the money, better output and the sound should be very nice an in-between the shure and ortofon if that sounds somewhat accurate... Plus the shure or ortofon can be purchased anytime, the empire is gonna be hard to try ever again so why not? If I do not like it I will drop only another 80 to go back to the shure if necessary at online cost, they are pretty cheap in retrospect so I will try and maybe get lucky. thanks
Have owned all of these and found them wanting. Of the lot,
the Shure seemed to be the best. Ortofon, second. And,
Empire, third. Of course, that depends somewhat on your
system and your speakers. Beating out all of these has been
the SL-15e moving coil from Ortofon. Not expensive, but
runs circles around these. CEM