Cartridge choice? Ortofon or Goldring

I recently purchased a Music Hall mmf 5 and I really love this turntable. Right now I am using it with a Ortofon Super OM10 because it was broken in and I didn't want to wait for the Goldring to losen up. Thinking of upgrading to a OM30 stylus or should I go with the Goldring 1012GX? The only reseverations I have about the Goldring is that the edge of stylus holder seems to ride a bit too close to the record. I am using an Old Marantz 2252B that's in really nice shape as an amplifier. For speakers I am using a pair Cerwin Vega LS 10s. I mostly play rock from the 70s and 80s on vinyl that is either mint or in excellent condition. What do you think? Does anybod know where I can find some reviews on the Ortofon cartridges?
Based only on what I've read, I would think that upgrading to the Ortofon 30 stylus would be the better bet. Even the 20 stylus is supposed to be a major improvement and serious bang for the buck. The place to check, once they're back up and running would be vinyl asylum at

Lots of good info there with respect to the upgrade path you're looking at with the Ortofon, and the 20 and 30 stylus are very highly thought of there by some very knowledgeable and respectable posters.
It sounds like you already own the Goldring? If so, I would give it a good listen. I have never heard the 1012, but I have a 1042 that I like alot. I also used to have a 2252B that I used it with and it was very nice. Give it an extended try and see what YOU think.
Definitely go for the stylus upgrade: even better, upgrade to the 40 stylus.

I've got a Reson Reca, which is a modded Goldring 1042 (considerably better and more expensive than the 1012GX) and my Otofon Super OM40 is the one I play the most. (the Reca is very good though)

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I agree with Hdm, you'll get a broader view from respondents by posting this question at the VinylAsylum. I can't comment on the Goldring 1012, but I can tell you the higher up the line Goldring 1042 rocks REAL good, I really like that cartridge's boogie factor. I quite enjoy that one, it aquits itself very well in just about every respect. For the cost of a stylus upgrade at retail, you might be able to find an even better catridge that's lightly used. The Goldring 1042 is also the basis of the Roksan Corus, I've seen that one here as a demo for a very good price recently.
I had the MMF5 and replaced the Goldring with an OM30. I would go that way again; however, if you already have the 1012gx, you should be comparing the cost of an OM30 stylus with that of a 1042 stylus. While the OM30 is better than a 1012gx, it's not profoundly better IMO. I'm not sure which would win out between the OM30 and the 1042.
This coming from a a man with 6 cartridges, the lowest on my list is the X5MC,Shelter 501 II, Koetsu Rosewood, Kontrapunkt B, Shure Mono, Koetsu Black.

The ortofon X5 MC for the price is outstanding. So is the Kontra, I go back and forth between it and the Rosewood. I should sell some of these. BTW the X5MC is a moving coil with high out put for MM preamps.
While we are on the subject of Ortofon cartridges can anybody recommend a good stylus cleaner? I was using Groovy stylus cleaner until I found out it had alcohol in it; which Ortofon does not recommend. Any suggestions?

Finally, thanks for the advice! R&D (or trial and error) can be a bit tedious and costly.
FWIW, I recently had a Super OM-10 installed in my Thorens TD-166 Mk II. It runs into a C-J PV11 pre (w/phono) then to an Odyssey HT3 amp, then to Vandy 1Cs, each with a Vandy W2q subwoofer. I am only a casual vinyl listener, but my impression is that the Super OM-10 is clean and smooth sounding. Stereo imaging and soundstage dimensionality is good. Sybilance (sp?) is very natural. Surface noise seems pretty well controlled and not over-emphasized. While this pickup is, IMO, as "listenable" as reviewers have said it is, it is a little light on the lowest two or two-and-a-half octaves. A good value, IMO, with the easiest upgrade path possible - just buy a 20 or 30 replacement stylus - no adjustments required! That was a major factor in my purchase decision.