Cartridge Change Clearaudio and systems questions

Hi folks...

I have a home theater setup (Denon 4806ci), Def Tech BP 7002, and Basis 1400 turntable with Clearaudio Aurum Alpha Cartridge and Rega 300 Arm.

Anyway, my maid trashed the tip on the cartridge....I know I can get it retipped at Needle Doctor. Is there any other cartridge that folks recommend? I also want to get the Bellari with keep that in mind.

Finally, eventuall I want to upgrade the whole system. I want something that sounds great on music and HT. I was thinking about the Mythos ST (any thoughts on that), since they are not BIPOLAR....and getting an Anthem AVM 50v and not sure about the amp. Any thoughts, or recommendations?
Your speakers are great, I don't think the Mythos are worth the price difference, plus you have great subs built into those. Why don't you keep your Denon and buy a seperate pre-amp with home theater pass through and a good 2 channel amp? Best of both worlds.
Thanks...I had not heard the Mythos, but was going to. I used to have B&W CDM1 with REL Sub...more musical, but not so hot on the films. And so it goes!