Cartridge break-in

I'm new to vinyl and just bought my first table a few months ago. I bought a new Benz-Micro Glider cartridge and have put about 50hrs on it. It sounds a bit dull right now and am wondering if it will sound better over time.
It won't improve drastically beyond 50 hours (I had a Glider HO for two years). Perhaps you need to rethink VTA? My Glider needed the arm significantly up at the rear (like over two millimeters)to keep from sounding rolled off. The tonearm interconnect is pivotal also (hope you're using a nice one)...besides phono stage. And, the Aesthetix Benz Cartridge demagnetizer works very well, also. I use mine about every 10 to 15 hours of play. Radically smooths out the grain that builds up over time from the magnetism of any cartridge. It's a Stereophile recommended component, if that has meaning for you. I'M VERY GALD YOU'VE GOTTEN INTO VINYL! It's so fun, so rewarding, that I feel very sorry for those unevolved enough to try it. Good luck, Jman!
Carl, Unevolved?? as in apes??
Thanks for the info Carl.
No, as in the genral populace. There are a few on here who seem to have de-volved a little, though, heh heh.