Cartridge attributes, recommendations w/Thorens?

I am getting a vinyl rig together and will be using a vintage Thorens table (160) and have gotten a Grado PH-1 phono pre, (which seems to claim it could work with many different carts).

My questions is, what cartridges will work well with the Thorens, or what carts to you recommend that have a quick, more neutral sound. I probably have to stay away from a low-output MC design at this point. I'd be willing to spend up to $200 (used or new), but am also looking for info regarding the general sound of different cartridge makes.

Thanks much.
Ortofon X5 MC, street price 125 US, it's a killer cartridge for the $$$,

I second Loontoon. I owned a Thorens 126 and X5. Great bargain setup. You can't beat the Ortofon at a 125 bucks. Hell, I think I paid more for an X5 in 81-82.
Loontoon, please tell us where to source the X-5, I am currently looking for one and 2Juki has it for $181.00 and Jacks for $199.00. I would appreciate the lead, you would be saving me quite a bit of money. Also, I believe that the compliance may be a bit on the low side for the wobbly and light 160 arm. The Shure M97xe may be a better arm match.