Cartridge around $2K help.

Looking for cartridge to use while my Dyna XV-1s heads off for a rebuild. Would like something around $2000.00, that I can use while its gone. I will only buy new. Would like something a little different than the Dyna, it will be used with a Michell Gyro SE MKII with SME V arm, and BAT VK-P10 phonostage.
MC/MM/MI low or high output.
A few I am thinking of are
Music Maker Classic
Grado Statement Reference1
Soundsmith "the voice"
Lyra Kleos
Any thoughts or sonic opinions?
How about this?

$2,500 Cartridge for sale


And, perhaps you can talk him down a bit, which would put the price right around your budget.

(FYI, I have two of the exact same cartridge myself; one I am currently using, and one for a backup when that one dies, (which will probably be fairly shortly, as I've been using this one for about 4 years now, and I'm the third owner. IMHO, there is not much out that that equals the XV-1S, let alone betters it, so why not have two of them?)

My two cents worth.

PS If you really want to buy new, (in case you dislike buying cartridges used, which I can certainly understand!), then the Van Den Hul Colibri would work very nicely. Below is link to a dealer of them here on Audiogon, (albeit he is in the Netherlands, but he has a good reputation). A friend uses this cartridge, and he prefers it to the XV-1S. (In fact I bought his XV-1S). Personally, I like the bit of warmth that the XV-1S has, which the Colibri does not have. The Colibri is an excellent cartridge though, as it has both a very high level of detail retrieval, as well as a very low noise floor.
I'm certainly not in your league as far as price but maybe my opinion will help.

I have a Delos and I certainly think you can't go wrong with the Kleos. The Delos does sound a bit like Dynavector to me but more detailed with more bass. The Kleos should be even more refined.

I have a Grado Statement Platinum that was retipped by Soundsmith with the top stylus there. I bet it is very similar to the Reference. Very fast and warm at the same time. Very nice for what I paid. Probably not going to have he top notch imaging and depth the XV-1S has.
Myajima Schalabe. Might be a little above your desired price point, but you may be able to get a deal on one through the distributor. Two years running my favorite sounding analog at RMAF. Low output, but I think your BAT will handle it. One of the most lively and luscious sounding cartridges money can buy. I own a Transfiguration Orpheus and the Myajima is the one I would buy next.
I would suggest that you give some serious consideration to the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze. It currently lists for $1999 US, and I have found it to be an outstanding performer that is competitive even against some much more expensive choices.

A reviewer from Hi-Fi World in the UK evaluated the Ortofon A90 as well as the Cadenza Black and Bronze. His conclusion was that if he had to pick one "desert island" cartridge to live with he would select the Candenza Bronze over the other two more expensive models. While he admitted that the Black and A90 were slightly more revealing than the Bronze, it was the Bronze that won out due to its inherent musicality that excels at communicating the essence of the music. I couldn't agree more, and I don't often agree with reviews.

When properly setup this cartridge also tracks exceptionally well, exhibiting no sign of breakup on difficult selections or when tracking heavily modulated inner grooves. I initially thought that I had to spend about $4,000 on a cartridge to get this level of performance, but after hearing the Cadenza Bronze my cartridge search has happily ended!
Go for Lyra Kleos or you can evengo with Delos.
It's best with Michell.
My vote would be for the Voice. I similarly wanted a less pricey cartridge to use in lieu of my ZYX Universe and Koetsu Jade, so I picked up a Voice. To my surprise ZYX and Koetsu ended up being relegated to the the drawer. The Voice is my new Reference!
It came down to the Lyra Delos and "the Voice'. Got the new Lyra and saved a few hundred bucks. In the end I wanted to keep it under 1500.00, and i have 30 days to try it when it gets here.
Congrats, I think you won't be disappointed.
Your right, I have not been disappointed!
I like this Delos enough that I'm wishing I would have gone ahead and got the Kleos.
I am currently running a Delos in Notts Analogue Hyperspace/Anna arm and am trying out a Kleos(thanks to an excellent dealer). The Delos is certainly a good cartridge for the money but the Kleos trounces it, more refined, greater tonal depth, just simply more musical whilst retaining the dynamics that are typical Lyra.
Kleos on the way to compare to both the XV-1s and Delos.
Tom: Can't wait to here the results of this shoot out. I also have Michell(Odyssey) table and have been thinking of upgrading my shelter 501MKII.
I heard the Kleos on a friend's system recently and I was very impressed by the musicality and detail retrieval. I am also a fan of Lyra carts, owning both Argo i and Helkon. A Kleos or Skala will be my next replacement cartridge.
Decided to move the the Kleos. Anyone have a cartridge in the same new/used price range they want to trade, let me know. This Kleos has a total of 28 sides played on it.
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